Monday, November 03, 2008

Fight Club

Grinning baboon for the right William Kristol – you know, the one who’s made a career out of being wrong about Iraq, is promising that if Obama wins, conservatives “will greet the news with our usual resolute stoicism or cheerful fatalism.” Also that “being conservative means never being too surprised by disappointment.”

Oh, really?

That’s funny because I remember a time, not so long ago, when Clinton beat Bush the elder and became the first Democratic president since one-timer Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976.

And how did conservatives react?

I’m searching for the words to describe their reaction, and what I’m NOT coming up with is “resolute stoicism” or “cheerful fatalism.” My memory of their reaction is more along the lines of “hysterical hand-wringing” and “dire predictions of economic collapse,” followed shortly thereafter by “declarations of all-out war against Democrats” and “secret financing of scandal-mongers,” and, my personal favorite, “hypocritical moralizing.”

Does no one remember that Clinton was bullied by a press apparently bullied by faxes from the RNC to force through a campaign promise in the first, like, nanosecond of his administration, and the result was the ridiculously ill-advised “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of military service?

Does no one remember that the press was so goaded by the relentless harping of the sore losers of the Republican Party that they declared Clinton’s administration a complete failure before he even took the oath of office? The press so had it in for the Clintons that it actually became a barb inflicted at the media to refer to the “failed Clinton administration” by the spring of 1993.

So, if Obama wins, I wouldn’t exactly prepare myself for an onslaught of cheerful Republican fatalism. They will hit him, and hit him hard. The media, besieged by RNC talking points and the constant prevaricating from the right about how liberal the press is, will decide that they will lose credibility if they are not hyper-critical of Obama’s every move.

I could be wrong. Maybe this time, the press won’t bite. But what I will guarantee is that the Republicans will try to make it happen.

Kristol may find it amusing that “liberals” are so anxious about the imminent election. He thinks it’s cute to pretend to sooth us by pointing out the advantages of a McCain administration. But you know what? Fuck Bill Kristol.

He never had a president from his party so relentlessly hounded by trumped-up trivialities: Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate (seriously, Travelgate was a scandal, y’all), and then the stupendous clusterfuck that was the Ken Starr investigation.

He never had an election stolen from him by a panel dominated by trollop-headed party hacks pretending to be serious jurists.

He never lost an election because state-sanctioned criminals were allowed to deny his party members their civil rights with impunity.

So fuck him and his fake largess. To be a Democrat these days is to constantly fight for every square inch of ground. To be a Democrat is to be ever vigilant against the eroding of our rights by the toadies of the haters. We must constantly remind the press that we are not just the other side, we are the right side. It is right to extend civil liberties to all Americans. It is right to spend our money on health care, instead of arms deals. It is right to stop the erosion of our economy into a feudal system of CEO lords and working class serfs. We are not just the other side. We are the right side. No matter who wins. No matter who fucking wins.


RandyLuvsPaiste said...

We're gonna win, so let the Republicans start acting like the big babies they are.

Dad E said...

The RNC are the evil doers of American politics and they do all they can to keep Americans divided by appealing to the reptilian brain of mankind.

But Obama has the ability to inspire us to achieve unity and resolve. We must protect him at all costs.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It's posts like this that make me tell anyone who will listen that you are the best writer amongst the bloggers I read on a regular basis.

deadspot said...

Hell, yeah!

vikkitikkitavi said...

Randy: Shh! I'm a big follower of the whole don't mention a no hitter to a pitcher thing.

DadE: "We must protect him at all costs"?? I'm not sure if I want to hear your plan or not. Does it involve rocket launchers on the RNC?

Okay, if it does, then I'm in.

Dr.MVM: Aw. Thanks. It's not just because I agree with you, is it?

Deadspot: Fuck yeah!

Doc said...

And isn't it good to be right?


dguzman said...

Can I get an AMEN!?

The only bright spot is that, no matter what those reich-wing asshole throw at him, Obama is cool as a cucumber. He will triumph, like Clinton did--no matter what.

All we have to do is get him into the White House without those fuckers fucking with our democratic process. My fingers are crossed.

SFNative said...

I sense angst.

SJ said...

and please, let me share with you that here in Alabama, I am literally having to hear that "we need to PRAY for the country, this is going to be so bad for the world if the Muslim wins!" and this is said in ALL SERIOUSNESS. Normally, calm and collected, I began screaming at my neighbor in the street yesterday about how idiotic that was when the man is a Baptist for fuck's sake. I've totally had it. I mean, you can't compete with the Sovereign Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the lemming-heads they follow.

They have turned back to calling all Democrats BABY KILLERS and quoting from the goddamn Bible. I kid you not. Once the words, "We have to pray for our country's future...put it in God's hands" are said there is no intelligent conversing that can happen here.

Larry Jones said...

Even when they controlled all three branches (2000 - 2006) they were still campaigning. Before that, they crippled Clinton's presidency, setting back an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement eight years at least.

The nation will repudiate -- nay, humiliate -- them today, and hell hath no fury like a redneck neocon right-wing Christian fundamentalist scorned.

Larry Jones said...

PS: Sorry, but I think the no-hitter is in the bag.

SFNative said...

I had a conversation with a woman that works here. Someone I get along with very well. She's nice, sweet, kind.

She is not happy about the election results. Why? The following reasons.

"We have a terrorist for a President."

"He took money from a foreign dictator."

"He's the antichrist."

Yep. Those are quotation marks.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Doc: It is what it is.

SJ: I feel you, baby. I grew up in Indiana, which has only very very recently come to its senses. Willful ignorance can be so frustrating. I don't understand how people can be SO FUCKING IGNORANT and yet manage to not kill themselves by sticking forks in light sockets or driving into rivers or wearing hats made out of acid.

Larry: You're right that they will never give him an inch of credit or cooperation. Eight years from now, when Obama is leaving office, they'll still be waiting for him to put on his turban.

SFN: Oh, I know. I love my relatives, and yet, those are exactly the kind of things many of them say. My latest tactic is, no matter what they say about minorities, I just say "me too!" So if they say that black people only want to have babies and live on welfare, I say "me too!" It sounds stupid, but I find it oddly subversive. Try it sometime.