Thursday, November 10, 2016


Like a lot of people, I was shocked.

I wasn't shocked that an ignorant, unqualified racist and serial abuser of women could win the presidency.  I wasn't shocked that there were enough awful white people out there to put him in office.

I was shocked because the polls said that we would beat him.  Soundly.  There was a massive failure to accurately measure the electorate.  And the press failed to detect it in time.

That's not the only way the press failed.  They failed by allowing a hostile foreign country to dictate the narrative of the election.  They failed by thinking that journalistic integrity means that the scandals of one candidate must be treated as equivalent to the actual criminal activity of the other.

Democrats also failed.  We failed to vote.  And that is by far the worst failing.

And if you're out there bloviating about how if the Democrats had picked YOUR guy, it would've gone differently, then you have so missed the point.  And this was a point that was painfully demonstrated to us only 16 years ago, and somewhat more predictably 12 years ago, so if you were a voting adult during the BushCo years then damn, how many fucking times do you need to see this happen before you get it?

Because guess what?  The Republicans DO get it.  Oh, they get it.  They just elected the most far Right candidate since...I don't know...ever?  And they did it by being loyal fucking voters.  The GOP no longer needs the Center, thanks to the enthusiasm and reliability of their base.

Um, so Democrats who would like to move our party further Left, away from the Center, are you getting it yet?  Because while you were complaining about our liberal, pro-LGBT, pro-racial equality, pro-choice, pro-minimum wage increase, pro-healthcare expansion, pro-alternative energy candidate who actually believes that climate change is real, we just got smoked.  While you bitched about her violations of government email protocol, they fucking took us to school.  And I'm not going to say "Enjoy the next 4 years, assholes," but maybe spend those four years thinking about the lesson of 2016.  

And because I can't even trust Democrats enough right now to know the lesson, here's the fucking lesson:
If Sanders, or any other Democrat, had been our candidate, I would have voted for him.  Sanders wasn't as qualified as my candidate, but I would have voted for him.  So, did you vote for my Democrat?  Did you?

If you didn't go out and fucking vote for Clinton, then you can't spend the next four years shaking your head at all the ignorant racists who just scored their biggest win since we abandoned Reconstruction.  You can't laugh at their stupid economic theories, or their foreign policy numbskullery, you can't even chuckle at their inability to correctly spell or punctuate their own bigotry.

Because every single one of those stupid bigots is smarter than we are.   Because they know how to win.


dguzman said...

You're right, as usual. Too many of us didn't vote (I did!), and too many of the people who voted for Obama did NOT vote for Clinton. Why? Stupidity. Ignorance. "While you bitched about her violations of government email protocol, they fucking took us to school."

jadedj said...

Best analysis of this debacle I've read yet! Several weeks ago I realized that there were far too many democrats on social media bad-mouthing Clinton. I thought, this crap has to stop...nothing good can come of it. Of course I convinced myself that they would eventually come to the front and support her because...Herr Drumpf. I was wrong. God was I wrong.

There was also the element of switching at the last minute. A friend of my oldest daughter, who said she was going to vote for Hillary, told her later that she got in the booth and just couldn't vote for her because of the last minute FBI announcement. She voted for Trump! WTF? I wonder how many democrats changed their vote at the last instant because of those damned emails. We'll never know.

Pinky said...

Well said as always.Thank you.

bubbles said...

I'm back to blogging, stepping away fro FB. Please keep ousting Vikki. I need to hear from you.

bubbles said...

I don't even remember how to edit a freaking comment. Hahaha. Don't oust. Just post. 😊

bubbles said...

Or oust if you want. I'm cool.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Thanks, I will!

Dad E said...

The most tragic thing to me was that being a racist was not a deal breaker to vote for someone for President. The second thing was to see how easily the so called disenfranchised were conned to think Trump had any real solutions to help them. I don't think it will take too long before they realize they got fucked again.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Stop thinking that being racist should have been a deal breaker. These people voted for him specifically because he was racist. Because they are racists. To actively enable racism, is to be racist. Full stop.

Also, Clinton won the working class vote. She won people who make less than 50K a year. What she didn't win was WHITE working class people. She didn't win them, because they voted for the racist candidate. Because they're racists.