Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Drysies©

Grant Miller was one of the first people from teh internets to find my blog and read it, and as such, he will always be okay in my book, even though when I met him in person he was kind of a dick and didn't even say hi to me - although later he did buy me a drink and so then he was okay again in my book. Although...did you guys know that Grant is only about three feet tall? He's really tiny, like a small kitten, or one of those statues of the Virgin Mary that you put on your lawn in a bathtub planted with petunias. But still, still okay in my book.

But then, I have a really crappy book.

I'm serious. My book sucks. It's really long, and kinda boring, except for the last couple of chapters when I start to overshare in a semi-public forum and spew bilious clouds of political fluff. Several really cool people picked up my book and started reading near the end and actually think it's a good book, and I've decided not to disposess them of that notion.

To that end, please go to Grant Miller Media and vote for me for this year's Drysdale Awards. I am self-nominated in 2 categories:

Least Influential Political Blogger - I have won this award every year since the beginning of the Drysies© in 2006. Please do not let this hallowed tradition end.

Least Logical Political Argument in a Single Post - In my recent post "Nacho Marriage," I argue that the Mormon male experience is so homoerotic that the LDS opposition and support of Prop 8 was motivated by - get this - self-loathing! Seriously! That was the thesis of my post! So vote for me in this category too, because my weak-ass shit deserves it.

"Drysies" is a copyrighted term and may not be used without the express written permission of Bells On© Media.


SkylersDad said...

In your acceptance speech, please try and work in that Hugh Laurie line about your crew "smelling of newly mown grass".

Anonymous said...

I’ve got this thing, this vote, see, and it’s fucking golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for fuckin’ nothing.

Dad E said...

I see I have been nominated also. Trying to mend my ways, but it is different, I mean difficult.

Grant Miller said...

Hey - I'm easily 6 feet. And I will acknowledge to being a dick. But I never thought your book was so bad.

May I use the word Drysies?

vikkitikkitavi said...

SkyDad: Oh, extra points to you for mentioning that speech. I loved that speech.

Kirby: I am jealous of that joke.

DadE: You were nominated for "Blog with the Most Spelling and Grammatical Errors"? Who would have done that?

Grant: Oh, Grant. You know I only ever wanted you to ask me.

dguzman said...

Votes already cast, baby. You're solid in my book.

Dad E said...

I think its my comments, not my blog itself that is my undewing, er undoing. And I knew it was you that nominated me. Fathers when their child has a twisted sense of humor and even how it enhanced them.

vikkitikkitavi said...

"Fathers when their child has a twisted sense of humor and even how it enhanced them."

Dad. Seriously.

Dad E said...

Tee Wee