Monday, May 18, 2009

Yeah, this one's not making me any friends.

Remember when Barack Obama almost sank his political career by aligning himself with Reverend Wright, a clergyman whose opinions were shockingly radical and hateful towards certain sectors of American society?

Well, he’s done it again.

Obama recently endorsed by his presence and by his praise a church whose leadership is just as radical as Rev. Wright. A church led by a minister who has enabled the denial of the Holocaust, and who has made statements impugning the beliefs of our most important Middle Eastern ally. This church has also accused the president of the United States of immorality, has commanded that the minority overtake the majority by force, and has recommended that our citizens engage in activities that would put our lives at risk. And like Wright before him, this church that Obama is courting for pure political gain accuses the citizens of the United States of being to blame for the recent evils that have been visited upon us, and warns us that our country is damned by God.

Yes, by appearing to speak at Notre Dame University, Obama has endorsed with his presence the Catholic Church, the Pope, and all its leadership. And just as the media hounded him to repudiate Wright, they should now hound him to disavow himself and the office he holds from the terrible and hateful positions of this radical church.

That might seem like an unlikely event, but we must not give in to the soft bigotry of low expectations. We must insist that it be done.


SJ said...

Not to mention fucking with non-believers for thousands of years. And the hangings, my god, the hangings.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

Grant Miller said...

God bless!

Dad E said...

I think this is the biggest touche' I have ever witnessed. Bravo!

Did I spell everything Wright?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Brilliant, as usual.

Red said...

I would point out once again that all Catholics don't think alike. No group of approximately one billion people can orchestrate the mind meld of its membership. MOST Catholics don't doubt the Holocaust. This Catholic hasn't ever been entirely easy with the current pope. But I do believe in all the stuff we say in the creed ( and I like going to mass on Sunday. There are some Catholics I imagine you'd probably agree with - starting with the Jesuits, and almost certainly Father Andrew Greely.

dguzman said...

Nice work, Vik.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Red, I still think the analogy is worth making, however clumsily I might have made it. No, obviously all Catholics do not think alike. I have not, nor would I ever, assert otherwise. However, neither did all the people attending Obama's church. Not all of them agreed with Reverend Wright's rhetoric. Obama said he did not agree with many of the Reverend's statements, and if you watch the sermons that were the source of the controversy, it's clear to me that there was a great deal of hyperbole being employed by Wright, as is the custom in many similar churches. But Obama was still required, in order to survive as a candidate, to denounce the Reverend, the church, and the statements that were made, whether he was present when they were made or not.

Catholics are not required to do likewise. VP Biden, and former presidential candidate John Kerry, were not required to denounce the real-life actions of the Catholic church, let alone the words. On the contrary, they were deemed less viable to the extent that they were not always welcomed by the church's clergy.

Why? Why are Catholics not deemed to be responsible for their membership in such a corrupt organization, while Obama was almost universally held to a standard that assumed his mere membership implied approval of every word uttered from the pulpit?

If I were a Catholic, I might argue that because my local priest is not covering up the raping of children or cozying up to anti-Semites, that my own little corner of Catholicism is not objectionable.

But what about the gender discrimination that your priest practices every day? What about the real-life harm that the church does to girls and women with its messages about the inferiority of females?

What about a stand against abortion that is so unyielding that it excommunicates the mother of a 9-year-old rape victim for arranging the procedure, but allows the rapist to remain in the church? Yes, it's a sensational and unique story, but it's the dogma at work that is the point.

The head of your church went to Africa recently and refused to mitigate its completely outdated, idiotic, and dangerous position on birth control. The Pope said, in Africa, a continent devastated by AIDS, that condoms would make the crisis worse.

That is an unspeakably heinous act. People listen to that asshole. They do what he says. To many Catholics, he is the infallible voice of God. And he tells them not to wear condoms, a proclamation that has nothing to do with health and everything to do with the church's stupefyingly backward views on sex and birth control. It's horrifying beyond measure that he would sacrifice lives for his position on a piece of latex, and if the head of my church said it, I would either quit the church, or be working to demand his ouster, or be working to split the American Catholic church from Rome.

I hear a lot of talk from Catholics about changing the church from within. And I do not know you personally and would never judge your life in this regard, but in my experience, I have yet to see any of this change made manifest.

Under the protective umbrella of religion, the Catholic church continues, without any meaningful public critique, to do real, tangible damage to people all over the world. It's a scandal. And I'm glad, I really am, that the church is a source of comfort to you. It is a source of evil to me, and those who do not demand that it change enable that evil. That's my opinion, and I'll continue to state it.

Anonymous said...

What's Barak doing with that wacko Religious Zealot? I can think of at least 20 different mainstream Religous Denominations that would defrock that Wierdo Wright, It sort of makes you wonder who else Barak's been with.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Anonymous: If you can't be bothered to read the post, address the point at hand, spell the president's name correctly, or suppress your urge for random capitalization, you should certainly suppress your urge to comment on my posts. Because you're an idiot.

Dad E said...

Vikki-You are being particularly uncompromising and out spoken against one of the major sources of Christianity that puts antiquated dogma ahead of morality. Keep up the good work!