Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never did far away charge so close

You know, I find it really touching that the Republicans care so much about the stolen election in Iran. I mean, they care enough that they are demanding that President Obama issue threats against the government of Iran, even though those threats could very well escalate hostilities between us, and cause their government to clamp down on protesters even more. That is a hell of a lot of caring. Good for them. I’m impressed.

I guess they have finally learned their lesson from 2000 - that stolen elections and illegitimate leaders mean dire consequences for the country that allows such crimes to take place. I mean, I'm grateful that they finally have learned, but I just wish they had let us know before BushCo ransacked the fucking country for 8 years, but, you know, whatever. Kudos.


Michael said...

The chicken-hawk pussies that make up the Cheney Nation are alive and well.

Dr. Monkey said...

Well put. I'll be posting about all this Iranian business tomorrow.

bubbles said...

Agreed. Well said, of course!

dguzman said...


Looks like their "president" is about as legit as our former "president." Nice to see them embracing Amurkan-style democracy.

Anonymous said...

Republicans have always cared about stolen elections. In 1948, a certain Senatorial Election in Texas was decided when cattle showed up at the polls and voted. The man who won became President.

In 2000, there was some tinkering with Florida's ballots. There were attempts to exclude Military Ballots. Acorn was doing their thing. There were voting irregularities in New Mexico, Ohio, Iowa, and especially Missouri. A Senatorial Election was stolen, though the Presidency was not,

You can understand why Republicans get concerned with stolen elections.

The Iranian stolen election has too much riding on it. Even Moderate Democrats like myself get concerned when nutjobs like Khoumeini and Ahmadinijad get their hands on Nukes. While not using Nukes is best, letting nutjobs use Nukes is worst, a prospect so bad that I would rather use the Nukes first.

I am concerned with this Election. The Tree of Liberty, according to Jefferson, is fed by the blood of Patriots and Tyrants. The Tree of Liberty is growing in Iran, and needs the nutrients that only the nutjobs can provide.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Anon: Oh, fuck off. In spite of all the attempts in Florida by the GOP to keep Democrats from the polls, Gore still won the state by any reasonable interpretation of the law. And "Acorn," holy fucking smokes, anyone who invokes ACORN is absolutely off the deep right end. ACORN is a specter invented by the right to counter absolutely valid claims of Democratic voter supression. BushCo's desperate attempts to come up with some, ANY prosecutable cases of systematic voter fraud are very telling. Gore won in 2000, and the Supreme Court subverted their precious "state's rights" and anointed the loser. That's history, and if you don't acknowledge that, then you are just plain emotionally invested in the lie. In fact, you must be, or else you wouldn't be here.

And the whole point of the Republican hounding Obama for a stronger reaction to Iran is that a stronger reaction WOULD MAKE THINGS FUCKING WORSE AND MORE DANGEROUS FOR US! Iran fucking loves it when we talk with our dick, you stupid pretend Democrat.

Seriously, dude, you need to start engaging some common sense and stop parroting the nonsense that you seek out via the yammer machines. Fuck the fuck off, already. I'm tired of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was so good, now I need a cigarette.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with that other troll. I think that Obama has craftily cobbled a plan to take out Iran AND the problem of Global Warming. The wisdom of his plan may take a year or two to see, but here's what's coming down the pike.

Iran WILL develop their H-Bomb, but it will never be used on the United States. Iran's next step is to secure Pakistan, which means a Nuclear War with India. We all know what Carl Sagan said about Nuclear Winter, don't we?

Note how slickly Obama solves both problems by doing absolutely nothing! O, if only we could fathom the Great Obama's Wisdom! The WOrld would be a much better place!

Anonymous said...

O Great Vicki:

When will the Lord Obama end this already interminably long Recession? Is Obama Almighty delaying to show the Great Evil that Bush has wroght upon this country by the length of delay of dispensing with this Great National Catastrophe?

Each Month, the Unemployment Rate increases at least a tenth of a percent. Obama has vowed that if Legislation is not passed to propitiate HIM, that Unemployment will rise to above 9%. Unemployment is now above 9.2%. Is the Lord Obama testing the Faith of HIS subjects?

Why doesn't the Lord Obama make haste to deliver us? Is HE trying to also send Bush and the Evil Republicans live to the Infernal Regions as part of HIS Elaborate Miracle? Does the performing of this Miracle get in the way of HIS timetable, possibly disruption of the timing of the Lord Obama's Live Ascencion to Heaven?

Pray! Make Haste, Lord Obama, to deliver us!