Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Thanks to Spooney, I am totally addicted to the Nkorho Pan Africam.

The camera is trained on a watering hole somewhere in the South African bush. The other day Spooney and I heard splashing sounds coming from the computer, and when we got to the screen we saw a whole herd of water buffalo tromp through the frame and wallow in the watering hole before moving on.

Okay, we're geeky for thinking it's cool. But try it.


michael said...

Oh see, now THAT is a TOTALLY fucking cool use for the internet.

If they put that kind of stuff on tv I'd subscribe to cable.

Skylers Dad said...

Does Marlin Perkins ever wander through talking about Mutual of Omaha?

dad said...

Question--How old do you have to be to not know who Marlin Perkins is?

david said...

Creepy at night. Especially on Halloween.

vikkitikkitavi said...

If you check it in the morning, before the sun has gone down there, you can see all sorts of wildlife. I saw baboons and a hyena today!