Thursday, January 10, 2008

And yet, I still wish he were president

I remember back in ’04, when so many of my friends could not get motivated to get out and vote for John Kerry, saying that he was barely better than W.

“Oh come on,” I’d say, “he may be kind of full of himself in that rich boy kind of way, but his policies are very different.”

“He’s a dick,” they would argue.

And I would be forced to admit that he was kind of a dick. Like that’s so rare among politicians.

Well, today I have been forced to reassess my opinion of Kerry.

He’s a complete dick.

Because today, Kerry endorsed Obama at a rally in South Carolina.

What’s so dickish about that, you say?

Helloooooooo! Way to be loyal to your former running mate FROM SOUTH CAROLINA, dude, who by the way stayed loyal to YOU and your piece-of-shit campaign through all of its

the-voters-love-a-guy-who-windsurfs visuals

and its

no-need-to-rebut-the-swiftboat-veterans miscalculations

and its

I-was-for-it-before-I-was-against-it idiocies.

What, you couldn’t wait until Edwards was out before you endorsed his opponent? Did you think the Obama people were sitting next to their phones, biting their nails and waiting for you to call and bless them with your special campaign mojo?



Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

His endorsement is like the kiss of death. He really should just have kept his rich boy mouth shut.

Chris said...

Yeah, big dick move.

Kerry. Actually, if you watch the old Cavett show with him and John O'Neill going at it, Kerry looks impressive and honorable.

Now? Pfft.

Doc said...

Chris- I just caught that on PBS last night.

Vikkitickitavi- Sure he's a dick as most politicians are, but how's your squirrel?


sv said...

My hyperlink powers are weak right now, but check out the Jimmy Carter bit on The It calls to this blog from afar!

Dad E said...

Happiness is having both daughters blog on the same day! But I digress.

Most politicians have to look to the future to survive. Does that mean choices will be decided based on the best thought-to-be deal available?

I think most people realize that Kerry makes a lot of bad choices

So all and all, I don't think who Keery supports is too exciting or important.

zoe said...

yeah. dick. and i worked for him!
his endorsement gives my vote to hillary.

he's just saying "please please please make me your VP" thats' all.

Larry Jones said...

He seems to want to step into this race, where is neither involved nor wanted, and cause the Dems to lose. Obama had better hope he doesn't want to help with the campaign.

dguzman said...

What a dick! I couldn't believe it when I saw this, and of course the morons on Fox "News" were making a big huge deal out of it, no doubt laughing their stupid asses off. It's dems like him that give us a bad name.

Come on, Edwards--stick with it!

vikkitikkitavi said...

Dr.MVM: It's just too hilarious that he thinks it means a damn thing to Democrats who he endorses. He should feel lucky he came as close as he did to winning in '04. What a horse's ass.

Chris: Why, oh why, did Kerry disavow the 70s John Kerry. That guy had some balls. Fucking medal thrower, fuck yeah!

SV: That is some funny shit. I got to remember to read The Onion more often.

DadE: Not important to Obama, but pretty embarrassing to Edwards. So why do it? Just sayin.

Zoe: John Kerry, VP? Talk about the kiss of death!

LJ: Can you imagine how big an ego that guy must have, it entertain the teeny tiniest thought of relevance?

DGuz: Baby, you have got to stop watching Fox News. You're going to give yourself a heart attack.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Ooops, I skipped Doc!

Doc: My squirrel is a little preoccupied recently, because he lives in a pecan tree that is dropping nuts all over the street, and cars are running over them, and he is having a crushed pecan feast. So he seems to care not for me and my measly bag of shelled walnuts.

But he'll be back!

Dad E said...

The man is a doofus politically. However, he would have been better than what we have now. That is why the word "change" resonates so much. Even Hucklebee is trying to wedge it in.

I do wish I could wind surf as well as Kerry. As I found out, it is a challenge sport to learn.

Grant Miller said...

It pains me even now to see windsurfers.

Anonymous said...

Just think, we've got ten more months of this stuff to go.

SkylersDad said...

I'm with Kirby, I am ready to poke my eyes out already when I watch campaign ads...

Bubs said...

Kerry's nomination just shows that part of the Democratic party establishment sees Obama as a pliable candidate they can work with once he's in power.

Coaster Punchman said...

I too was puzzled by this. I bet there's more to this story. A swinging arrangement gone awry or something good like that.