Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bells On Presents: Reviews of Movies You've Already Seen

Daniel Day Lewis is the little-known "Mountie" character from The Village People.

I was astounded to learn that Paul Thomas Anderson's movie There Will Be Blood did NOT go over its $25 million budget during production. Isn't that amazing? I mean, they must have had to replace the chewed-up scenery after every take with Daniel Day Lewis, right?

Also, if you can sit through the ending without uttering some version of "You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!" then you must be a big fan of the "why the fuck not?" school of filmmaking.

If I had written the promotional copy for this film, it would have said: "No one will remain seated during the thrilling '20 minutes of two guys surveying a piece of land' scene!"

Now, for the tally of P.T. Anderson films:

Hard Eight: Meh. Nice little movie I know I saw, but can't remember much about other than Paltrow really annoyed me.

Boogie Nights: Fucking scary brilliant movie. Seen it 30 times, could see it 30 more.

Magnolia: A lot of my friends hate this movie, but I love it. Also from the "why the fuck not?" school of filmmaking, but somehow for me it works. (Maybe, if Anderson had hired William Macy to play the lead in TWBB, all would've been forgiven.) Also, the Aimee Mann soundtrack is haunting and beautiful. Also, Tom Cruise is actually really good in it, which is a singular achievement in my book.

Punch-Drunk Love: A romantic comedy that is neither romantic nor funny, and Adam Sandler in the lead is one of the worst pieces of stunt casting since Steve Martin in Pennies from Heaven: I appreciate the notion, but you got to be able to act, too, dude.

There Will Be Blood: Should've been called There Will Be Academy Award Nominations.


dguzman said...

And ohmygod did this movie get enough attention when it came out!? I have never liked Lewis (Day-lewis?) at all, so I'm kinda pleased in an evil way to read your complete ass-ripping of his movie. Hee hee.

Doc said...

I'm on my way to netflix now. Thanks for the heads up.


Dad E said...

DDL's performance was as appropriate as his brown shoes with tux at the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

How about "There Will Be Dirk," the sequel to "Boogie Nights."

Bubs said...

Thank you for the scenery-chewing remarks. I love scenery-chewing and all references to it.

"Hard Eight" was a favorite movie of ours years ago. We found it accidentally on cable around the time "Boogie Nights" was released.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I haven't seen this yet but I definitely agree about Boogie Nights. The rest I can take or leave, mostly leave.

Grant Miller said...

Haven't seen "Hard Eight." Enjoyed "Boogie Nights." I really liked "Magnolia." "Punch Drunk Love" was mildly entertaining. I need to see "There Will Be Blood."

Distributorcap said...

anyone who can sit through an entire Adam Sandler movie gets my total respect, admiration and complimentary drinks when she comes to NY