Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is not really a bad post about Hillary

You would think that the story out of yesterday’s primary is that so many Democrats still feel so strongly about Hillary. You’d think journalists would look at the results of the Pennsylvania primary and say to themselves “Why does Clinton inspire such loyalty? I’ve got to get to the bottom of this!”

But alas, you would not only be wrong, you’d be a creature from some alien world, maybe New Zealand, where journalists do things like try to find out facts, instead of whine about how things aren’t turning out the way they liked, or the way they predicted they would.

By the way, is it just me, or has this Democratic primary started to feel like a game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots?

Remember how fucking boring that game was? I mean, what’s the fun of knocking someone’s block off, if the voters in Pennsylvania can press it right back on again?

Look, as much as I would like this contest to be over, so the winner can start concentrating on convincing the American public of McCain’s gigantic asshattery, it’s not over. And Clinton’s got a right to run whatever kind of campaign she thinks will get her the win, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. And clearly, there are large numbers of Pennsylvania blue-collar voters who don’t hate the game, they hate the playah. They don’t want to see any rules rewritten, they just want to fucking win, because they’ve been losing for a long-ass time. In other words, they are way past feeling such a thing as hope, and even if they weren’t, hope is sure as hell not going to come in the form of a black man with a strange name whose minister wears a dashiki.

One might argue, by the way, that those voters, while Democrats on paper, are very likely to vote for McCain in the fall anyway, even if Clinton does win the primary. Because a large majority of them are political meat-heads who vote Guns & God and cannot draw an inference from the $177 million per day that we are spending in Iraq, and the infrastructure of our country crumbling all around them.

Or, in other words, the Republican base.

One trend I can definitely do without, however, is the endless spin on whether women who favor Obama over Clinton are post-feminist, anti-feminist, or simply voting against her because she reminds them of their mother. And click on that link if you don’t fucking believe me that that theory has been floated, and you know – goddammit but I wish I’d thought of that theory! Because I could definitely squeeze a lucrative book deal out of a premise as stupid and as insulting to women as that one is.

But I going to act as unlike an American journalist as I can for a moment, and speak only for myself: I think either candidate would make a fine president. And a word to a few of you gals who have been hectoring me about preferring Obama: if being a feminist requires me to vote for a woman, then we’d all be looking back in horror at the Elizabeth Dole presidency right about now.

I prefer Obama over Clinton because I think Clinton too often votes on the side of political expediency. It’s a simple as that. Clinton claims that she was tricked into voting for the Iraq war, but I’m not buying it. I remember that there were lots of people questioning the intel on WMD, and lots of people questioning the wisdom of giving that all-hat-no-cattle douchebag the power to wage war without further consent of the Congress. Look, if I was smart enough to know not to vote for that war, then Clinton was too, and yet she did it. What constituted the difference between her and me on that issue?

The difference is, I don’t have to run for reelection. I’m just an asshole with a blog.

And being a mere mortal, I enjoy infinite freedom to not only use my brain to analyze the information I am given, but to use my heart too, to guide me. My heart told me that Bush was a no-good fucking liar with an avarice-covered lump of coal where his soul should be, no matter what all those fucking charts and aerial photos and vials of powder oh-so-earnestly held aloft by formerly well-intentioned Secretaries of State said.

And I believe, in this heart of mine, that Hillary knew it was all bullshit as well. But she voted otherwise.

She did it, I think, because the political wisdom at the time said that to vote against the war would've been career suicide. Political wisdom was plumb wrong, as it turned out. She should’ve listened to her heart, perhaps, if I can be so corny as to suggest that such things are even possible anymore.

I do think she has a heart. I know she can cry tears for herself and for all the genuinely unfair things people have said about her. Whether she can still put that heart to use for our collective good, is still out for the vote.

But I hope she proves me wrong. I really do. You don’t know how much.


Dad E said...

You nailed it, for me anyway. Her experience in the White House taught her vote for the collective heart, which can be disasterous. And her gaff on the sniper fire shows she could allow her mind to recreate facts because of her need to pander. A shot of Crown Royal, please.

I think you will see BHO shift to attacking McCain and he will eschue and more debates with Billary so that flag pins and being acquainted with a former Weathermen won't distract us and him from the need to set our country right again.

I hope he calls out the media for their shameful strategy of trying to create devisive issues out of dandriff. The media should be calling out errors and lies with facts. Why is McCain getting a free pass on flag pins and support from religious leaders spewing the most hateful of messages? The big story is to investigate the media's pandering to their base and the harmful effects it creates.

I have a deep distrust of the American voter in the short run. Plenty of blame is due to those that elected the failed man from Texas with the smug,swarmy grin. But I have hope that many that did, have learned why they let themselves be duped and are a tad more sophisicated now. It's a stretch I know. Maybe that is why I am drawn to a man that is hopeful about the future, because I want him to be right.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Aw, but you are OUR asshole with a blog.

Is the USPS still backing Hillary and any new words of wisdom from your postman?

sv said...

I am tempted to start a blog so that I can be just another asshole with a blog.

SkylersDad said...

"asshole with a blog" is one hell of a great campaign slogan, I think you should run!

Matt said...

I'm new to your blog but I couldn't agree more. You discribed it much more eloquently then I did but I think it is as simple as Hillary will do anything to win.

She has to know that she can win without doing something shady but her and Bill will continue to work the super delegates trying to get her in through the back door whether she is the people's choice or not.

Thanks for your time.

vikkitikkitavi said...

DadE: I agree, I am sick of the media annointing these "blue-collar" flag-wavin voters as the holy-holy of the electorate. As voters, THEY SUCK! They have a terrible record. They are the Pittsburgh Pirates of voters.

GKL: The postman comes in everyday with fresh news of "my" candidate (Hillary). I keep asking him why she's MY candidate, but it doesn't seem to sink in.

SV: Well, we can always think of you that way, whether you have a blog or not.

SkyDad: I can't run. Too many skeletons.

Matt: Well, you know Matt, I think Obama will pretty much do anything to win as well. It's just that he's in the lead right now, and she's not.

dguzman said...

Nice post, Vik. My only hope is that PA goes blue in November, like we did in 2004. Of course, let's hope enough of the other states go blue too, regardless of whether it's Hillary or Obama.

Grant Miller said...

Great post and I don't buy her line that she was duped either. She suspected she'd be voted out if she opposed the war. I'm not so sure that's the case given how blue NY appears.

But what do I know? I'm just douche bag with a blog.

'Bubbles' said...

I'm so intrigued by this situation because who would have ever thought that there would be enough progress for either a black man or a woman to run for president, given that many of us remember June Cleaver and, uh... (searching for any, black role model on early television).

I will be happy if our next president is NOT a white male (since Gore and Edwards are gone), and has some idea of what a mess this country has become at the hands of the Dummy. IF ONLY the voters will open their eyes and think instead of allowing fear to control their vote.

Whatever compromises the two Dem. candidates have had to make to survive long enough to get there to start making change I can forgive.

Sadly, if Hillary followed her heart more she would be presumed to be too darn emotional, warm and fuzzy to be president. Ugh. Remember when her voice cracked? Holy Shit! A human being acted like a human being!!! Oh, my!!

Sorry, I'm ranting now.