Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day, America! Hope you like being fucked in the ass!

Wow, Judd Gregg must be the most principled man alive in politics today. After all, the Obama administration asked him to be Commerce Secretary, and he felt a sense of duty. He felt an obligation to serve. Who wouldn’t, when asked to take over such an important position in such perilous times? He could’ve demurred, given his economically conservative philosophy. He could’ve demurred, given his key position as ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. But he didn’t. He tried to make it work. And if he did demur from urging fellow Republicans in the Senate to support the President’s stimulus bill, it’s only because, as a cabinet nominee, it wouldn’t have been right to exert political pressure. And he tried to reconcile his philosophy to the Obama administration’s. But he couldn’t. Their scheme was too liberal, too spend-heavy, too damn crazy to stand behind. So, in the end, being a man of principle, he resigned as nominee, re-joined the Senate, and, as painful as it was to him, voted against the stimulus package.

And he lived happily ever after. The End.

Did we all enjoy our little Mother Fox News fairy tale?

Good. Because as is so often the case in WDC, the truth is quite the different story.

First of all, according to Obama administration officials, Gregg approached them for the position. And he promised them that he was well aware of the President’s core beliefs, and he was also, as aforementioned big cheese on the Senate Budget Committee, well aware of the contents of the stimulus package and he said that it would not be a problem for him to get behind it.

Hm. Well, that’s quite different, isn’t it, from Gregg’s version? I wonder why he wouldn’t want us to know that he wanted the position? Vanity, maybe?

Or maybe something more.

I wonder, what changed, between the time Gregg offered himself up, and the time when he high-tailed it out of there?

Readers, what changed was this: the Obama administration took control of the 2010 census away from Commerce, and gave it to the White House.


Who gives a shit about the stupid-ass census?

Republicans do. Oh, they do.

Which states are poised to gain representatives after the census? Arizona. Florida. And your favorite and mine - Texas.

Whoever administrates the census can make sure that the polling in those states is particularly thorough, and that the polling in Democratic areas (big cities) is lax. And because TX, AZ & FL have Republican-controlled legislatures…any new districts can be gerrymandered so that their breakdowns will remain now and forever, reliably Republican.

Yes, surprise, surprise, the Republicans were cooking up a scheme to ensure their return to power. The ole’ “permanent majority” dream of BushCo has reared its ugly head again, and so soon!

But who busted it? No one knows for sure. My guess? Rahmbo.


Dad E said...

Well, for sure, the White House is deferring to the Senator to gain a future vote or favor by keeping the real story untold. There is no need to create a scene here as there really is no damage done to the Administration.

That leaves someone "off the record" to leak the real story later if need be.

Larry Jones said...

Congressional Republicans seem not to be getting the memo's: The one that says "you are now the minority party," and the one that says "...the new President actually wants to work with you."

Coaster Punchman said...

You still watch the news???? How can you take it? I am visiting your blog for my updates until this storm blows over.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice bit of White House kung fu, taking over the census. They're playing chess, while the Republicans are still looking for their checkers.

Bubs said...

Fascinating. I heard Limbaugh raving about the census the other day and had no idea why. Now I do.

SJ said...

There are online Hindi movies?

dguzman said...

Hell, if it wasn't Rahmbo, then I vote for YOU to take his place so you can keep bustin' these crooks' asses!

Warren Beatty said...

I heard from one of my Chicago buddies that Rahmbo might not be in DC for all that long. He's keeping his campaign operations intact still in Chicago.

deana said...

my god, vikki... i need to remember not to set myself up for a spit take when i open your blog. you do have a way with words!