Thursday, May 13, 2010

But it's a dry heat

Arizona, apparently not satisfied with the amount of public ridicule being leveled against them, has decided now to outlaw the studying of non-white culture in public schools. According to the governor and the state school czar, ethnic curriculums, such as those focusing on Latino, African-American, and Native contributions to American culture, promote hating on white people.

Um, I have news for you, Arizona, it’s not “The Influence of Zuni Decorative Motifs in the Art Deco Movement” that’s prompting the brown people of your state to give you the collective stink eye, it’s…well, it’s a lot of things, not the least of which is that little “show me your papers” thing you’ve got going on now.

It’s hard to imagine the Republicans, who are always yammering about how much they love freedom, and how much everyone else hates how free we are, backing laws that restrict freedom of speech and movement.

Just kidding. It’s not hard to imagine at all. Nobody really thinks that Republicans love freedom. I mean come on. If it’s one thing the W years taught us, it’s that Republicans don’t give a good goddamn about freedom.

Come to think of it, it’s hard to say what Republicans do love. I would say that they love other Republicans, if they weren’t so found of throwing one another to the lions whenever one of them strays too far towards the center of an issue.

I would say that they love money, except that the majority of them tend to do better financially when a Democrat is in office.

I would say that they love the military, except they don’t really treat them very well, and no Republican administration has tried harder to reform the VA than Obama's has.

I would say that they love their god, except I don’t see how that could be, since they’ve made him out to be such an asshole. For one thing, he’s always causing homosexuals to be born, and then turning right around and trying to wipe them out with hurricanes and such. Hey Republican God, why not send a hurricane or typhoon or something to wipe out bin Laden, if you’re so simultaneously pro-America/handy with the catastrophic storms?

I would say that they love the flag, except they’re always disrespecting it by pretending that it represents their anger, or their insecurities about minorities, or their ignorance of our foreign policies, instead of what it really represents: The United States of America.

I love America. But America is not perfect. We’re like a family that way. It’s okay to say that. It’s okay to want to make it better. I mean, if you can’t even admit that we made some pretty bad decisions when we were younger, then I don’t even know how we can move forward at all.

And as a special message to those Americans who got their shit kicked by those floods in Tennessee: I’m sorry about what happened to you and your homes and your stuff. And it sucks that all that coverage of the world’s lamest terrorist, and the world’s shoddiest oil rig, pushed the spotlight off of you in your hour of need. Truly. The media was bored by your disaster, I guess, and it shouldn’t be that way. I could not agree more. I’m glad you banded together, and that your politicians are working with the various branches of government to enable your recovery. You have behaved admirably under unbelievable adversity, and that truly makes me feel proud to be an American.

But what hurts me, my brothers and sisters, is when you take what the media has done, and you construe it to mean that we don’t care about you because you are not New Orleans, nor Haiti. Or when you say that we only care about the things that Oprah tells us to care about. Whatever you think of our president, you weren’t cheated out of your due because you are white. It hurts me that you think that. That you maybe know in your heart it isn’t true, but say it anyway, hurts me even more.

Look, we don’t love you any less because of who you are, no matter who’s got his ass in the big chair in Washington. We love you the same, goddammit. That’s the whole point of it all, of everything we’re supposed to be about. So what good does it do to continue to count coup upon one another’s heads?

Here’s an idea: let the schoolkids read about Pancho Villa if they want to. Meanwhile, let’s all set about to prove to those kids that’s it’s not 19fucking10 in America anymore. How about that?


Liberality said...

Another excellent post Hey, I know what republicans love: hierarchies! Especially when they get to be the ones on top.

Marshall Park Slope said...

It must be hard Vikki being so damn funny, smart, and right all at the same time...

Red said...

I once tried reading Ann Coulter - as opposition research - and she kept harping on how "liberals hate America." I thought, "Well, Ann, you hate liberals, so doesn't that make you just as bad?"

Great post.

Red said...

p.s. She was such a vitriolic beotch that I gave up after 50 pages.

Anonymous said...

Can't study non-white culture? Pretty soon Mexican food will be outlawed, the way things are going. Won't somebody please thing of the chalupas?

Mnmom said...

Excellent points, all the way down.

And Republicans like white men, especially nicely toned ones from

GETkristiLOVE said...

Like I said, there's a reason I moved from that state. If the dry heat doesn't get to you, the Republicans will.

Distributorcap said...

you forgot that Republicans love guns and want to make sure every terrorist and drug smuggler has one.

as always BRILLIANT

kittens not kids said...

the world's lamest terrorist really got a little more news coverage than was necessary, I think. There's just not that much to say about something that didn't happen, though damned if the media doesn't try.

what the hell is wrong with Arizona? this is a sincere question. are they trying to get kicked out of the Union? maybe we could replace Arizona with Puerto Rico, and convert AZ into a territory. or just boot AZ off on its own, and then see how it fares when Mexico takes it over.

I'm so disgusted by just about everything these days.

Shana said...

smart and funny!

bubbles said...

OM F'ing G!! Yes, the freaking republicans are awful here!! Ugh. It is so embarassing. I'm only here because my mom was here and then died, and then my house value dropped into hell and I'm weird about how someone should pay what they decided to owe... but I'm a liberal, and we all know what freaking leaches we are, true? Aghhhhh!

Miss you Vikki. I've been having a life, and loving it all, but I miss my blog life. I simply must find my way back. Perhaps a post will make that work for me. I'll work on that.

dguzman said...

Like Bubbles, I miss my heavy-blogging days when I could blog almost all day from work. Sigh... not enough time in the day anymore.

But you can bet your brilliant ass I always make time to read your posts, Vik. Bravo.