Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack's Marbleopolis

The McCain camp, always seeking to raise the bar on political discourse, is deriding the Democrats for being out of touch with the common people.

Yes, it's an extremely ironic statement whose irony is yet to be appreciated by about half of this country's voters. It's also nothing new.

What's new is what McSame is using as proof of Obama's aloofitude: the set for his acceptance speech.

I'm not kidding. They think the set that's being erected in Denver's Mile-High Stadium is too high-falutin', and they're refering to it as the Barackopolis. The set, which I could not find a picture of, appently features a number of Greecian-style columns.

While I can't help but agree that nothing's classier than a bunch of columns, I'm wondering if the DemCon set could possibly surpass this in grandiosity:

That's Bush, accepting his party's nomination at the 2004 Republican Convention. Hey, are those columns I see in the back there? Swanky!

Although truly, for uppity architecture, it's hard to beat this one:

Or that one:

Or how about this one:

Or, the ultimate in snootyville construction, the Ineptopolis:


Michael said...

I sometimes wonder what the strategic thinking is that's going on in McCain's camp. Most of the time, I think they're decided that baiting the young 'un with this snide, passive-aggressive bickering will force him to bicker back, making him appear foolish and short-tempered, or force him to ignore it, making him appear like another cardboard cutout that freezes in the face of a fight.

Or their idea of appearing like a common Jos is to talk the kind of smack their reddest-necked of constituents get to guffaw at.

Either way, I'm not sure who McCain holds in less regard, his own image as a candidate, or the people he needs most to vote him in.

dguzman said...

Nice columns.

Grant Miller said...

GWB stood before an eerily similar stage in 2000. Apparently he liked columns too.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Michael: McCain has so drunk the Kool-Aid. Whatever Rove and the others tell him he needs to do, he is just stone cold down with it.

DGuz: You got to get yourself some marble columns!

Grant: Who doesn't love marble columns?