Thursday, September 13, 2007

It gets worse here every day

Just when I thought Bush couldn’t hurt me anymore, I hear on the radio that he is considering nominating uber-toady Ted Olson to replace Gonzalez, and I have to pull my car over to side of the road and scream and pound my steering wheel for a few minutes. And then I have to turn off All Things Considered entirely and play the classic rock station really really loud and sing “Welcome to the Jungle” until my rage is mollified.

And I don’t even like Guns N’ Roses.

It’s not just that this ass-kisser was W’s attorney in the Bush v. Gore case, although lord knows that’s enough.

He was a member of the Arkansas Project, the organization financed by Richard Mellon Scaife for the sole purpose of removing President Clinton from the White House. Scaife is so fucking rich and so fucking scary and so fucking mean that he makes Mr. Burns look like Teddy Ruxpin. Scaife, with the help of attorney Olson, was so intent on finding dirt on Clinton that they paid people to lie about their encounters with him. They proposed theories so nasty that even Ann Coulter refused to endorse them. He shook the bushes so hard in Clinton’s home state that sad, tragic people fell out and were picked up and used by them and eventually discarded.

Not only is Ted Olson vile, but his dead wife, conservative commentator Barbara Olson, was so vile that she managed to be condescending and presumptuous while dying heroically on Flight 77 on 9/11. Allegedly phoning her husband from the plane, she asked him “What should I tell the pilot to do?”

Excuse me while I retch.


Jess said...

I love that Giuliani said: ""It is time for Americans to really insist that American politicians move beyond character assassination and this is exactly what they attempted to do with General Petraeus."

Oh REALLY?! Talk about a high-freakin'-horse!

"You have no right to disagree with his integrity."

I don't? Sooooo... if I think he lied, I have "no right" to disagree with his integrity?! And how in the hell does one disagree with someone's integrity, anyway?

Anyway my point is, in my book, the repubs don't really have a leg to stand on when they start talking about character assassination. Especially after the way they treated poor Billy Clinton!

The sheer hypocrisy seriously just blows me away!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I can only hope Harry Reid has enough backbone to stop this from hasppening.

Chris said...

Reid has stated he will not allow Olson to get confirmed, but I've heard tough talk from the democrats before. If they roll over on this, they truly are pathetic.

Is it me or does this guy look vaguely like John Bolton without the mustache?

SJ said...

How bad can they fuck things up before they leave? This has to be the talk in their private meetings. Remember how they spread lies about Clinton's staff defacing White House property before they left? These fuckers just want to deface our country even more.

Skylers Dad said...

When it's bad enough that Ann Coulter won't wrestle in the mud with it, that's the worst ever. That's bad with a fucking cherry on top.

Inkwell said...

I was just going to add my voice to those who have read that Harry Reid has vowed to block Olson's confirmation.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Jess: Giuliani's such an idiot. I hope he becomes the nominee.

Dr.MVM: Oh, dear. That sounds like throwing good money after bad.

Chris: It's too late for "pathetic." They passed pathetic long ago.

SJ: I heard they spread that whole story about the WH defacings because they were angry that one Clinton staffer left behind a picture from the "Bush or Chimp" website. If true, it's pretty awesome, right?

SkyDad: Okay, I am going to steal that phrase. "bad with a fucking cherry on top" indeed.

Inkwell: Vow, schmow. Also, I see you haven't posted in your blog for a while. You should. You seem like an intelligent guy.

Grant Miller said...

I knew I recognized this dude from somewhere.

Frank Sirmarco said...

This is the political equivalent of Saddam setting the oil-fields afire at the end of the 1st Iraq war.

Fuckin' W...

dguzman said...

GOD, you rock so. effing. hard.

Bookmarking the hell outta yer blog, Vikki. Hope you don't mind.