Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The check must have cleared

C'mon guys. You're just embarrassing yourselves further.


Jess said...

"As ordered, Jagger sang "let's spend some time together," but he rolled his eyes for effect."

Ohhhhhhhhh!!! The "bad boys" rock! Rolling your eyes. That's so.... rebellious!

Jess said...

Um. I meant "bad boys OF rock".

Not checking your comment before posting? Now THAT'S rock 'n roll!


vikkitikkitavi said...

There's a story about when the Doors played Sullivan. It might have been in the movie, which I never saw.

Anyway, the story goes that Sullivan wants the Doors to censor "Light my Fire" to cut out the reference to "getting higher," and the Doors said they would cut it, but then when they were on, live, they didn't cut it. And afterward some guy from the show comes in screaming, saying they'll never do Sullivan again, and Morrison shrugs and says "We did Sullivan."

I'm not a big Doors fan but I love that story.