Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The side of cartoons

Did you hear this dickhead Ahmed Abu Laban, the Religious Director of the Muslim Society in Copenhagen, on NPR this morning?

This is the guy who is pretty much responsible for the fuss over the Mohammed cartoons, which were originally published in a small Danish newspaper, like 5 MONTHS AGO. The rioting over the cartoon depictions of Mohammed has taken 11 lives so far, and has been the cause of many injuries and much destruction of property. It was also the inspriation for an Iranian newspaper contest that apparently is seeking retribution by making fun of the Holocaust via cartoons.

Wait a minute, you're saying, how did the Jews get blamed for this?

Hello! This is Iran we're talking about. I can't believe you're even asking that question.

So anyway, this guy Abu Laban sees these cartoons, including the one at left in which Mohammed is depicted with a hat made of a bomb (funny!), and is outraged over the depictions because they are forbidden by the laws of Islam, which he feels the entire world is bound to observe, apparently, and instead of writing a letter to the newspaper to protest, he sends the cartoons to religious leaders throughout the Middle East, and asks them to whip a little support for his bonehead cause.

And religious boneheads in Muslim countries throughout the world have been only to happy to protest the depiction of their religion's prophet as a perpetrator of violence by...wait for it...perpetrating some violence.

And this guy soooo doesn't get it. He takes absolutely no responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

Must be Allah's will, that.

Predictably, conservative wingnut blow-up doll Michele (I heart concentration camps) Malkin, has declared her support for Danish freedom of press as a conservative cause, and is implying that the reluctance of U.S. papers or networks to show the cartoons is because they are all liberal and PC, and not because they are, uh, afraid of being blown up.

I call bullshit. Freedom of the press is something I think the left is pretty much on record as supporting. After all, it wasn't Hillary Clinton who admonished the press to "watch what you say," was it, Michelle?

It wasn't Howard Dean who said that the press had damaged national security by revealing the NSA warrantless domestic spying program, was it? Michelle?

And I think by now everyone's figured out which side of the issue this liberal crackpot comes down on, right?


Spooney said...

It's sad really that these people's lives are so hard that they are always on the edge. Where the littlest thing will set them off on a path of violence. I don't know maybe it's not how hard their lives are, maybe the anger/hate is instilled in them by the religion?

vikkitikkitavi said...

I can think of a couple of religions that are used to further hatred of others...

Melissa said...

Just this morning I was mulling over the irony involved in this whole debacle. "How dare you depict us and/or our religion as being instigators of violence?! We'll show you! Go get 'em, boys!" (Commence instigating violence...)