Monday, February 06, 2006

Or as they will hereafter be known, "the world's greatest argument for a mandatory retirement age"

Sure, you got the Gonzalez testimony, Bush's proposed cuts in domestic spending, 4 dead over a cartoon in the country we just recently liberated from the hands of Islamic extremists, but what I'd really like to talk to you about right now is how badly the Stones sucked ass yesterday.

Sure, they're old. In fact, I'm tempted to caption the above picture thusly:

"Ron Wood passes a gall stone and Mick Jagger raises his hands above his head in an attempt to relieve pressure on his heart while Keith Richards's Metamucil kicks in with a vengence."

Ha ha ha. They're old, get it?

Come on, they sucked so badly yesterday, but no one wants to say that about "the world's greatest rock-n-roll band."

And I'm not talking about their sound problems. That was not their fault. But it would be nice if they chose a song lineup other than one song no one cares about hearing in between two songs so overplayed no one ever wants to hear them again, or if they had told ABC to go fuck themselves if they didn't like their lyrics, or if Ron and Keith weren't trying to play competing versions of the same lead solo at the same time, or if Mick could sing anymore even a tiny little bit.

Or, as Spooney so succinctly put it "15 year old kids, out of tune & with no bass player, in a garage jammin' over & over on the same fuckin' riff."

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