Monday, March 31, 2008

Experience: Wife, Mother, First Lady, US Senator, BJ Profiteer

I love Bill Maher. He’s an atheist, PETA board member, member of NORML and outspoken advocate for marijuana and drug legalization. He’s also an environmentalist, and critic of big agribusiness.

What’s not to love?

Except sometimes, the “I’m a playboy!” act wears a bit thin, such as when he decided that naked boobs are great when they are merely boner fodder for dudes, but when they are bared for their natural purpose of feeding children, they suddenly make him nauseous.

Jeez. Mommy issues much, Bill?

I had another feminist head-smacking moment while watching this week’s show after Maher suggested that Hillary Clinton “profited from her husband’s philandering.”

I am so fucking sick and tired of this ignorant, piece-of-shit, peckerheaded premise. Whenever I hear it I feel my fists clench involuntarily and I experience an intense urge to euthanize my television, Elvis-style.

And if you do not experience the same reaction, I invite you right now to just think about it for one goddamned minute!

Hillary “profited” from Bill’s infidelity?? Don’t you mean that Hillary “behaved in such a way so as to salvage as much of her personal dignity and reputation as she could in the wake of what could only be described as any wife’s worst fucking nightmare on wheels?”

Isn’t that what you meant?

And here’s the part that might not have even occurred to you:

How much more would Hillary have profited, if the Clinton administration had not ended in recriminations and ignominy, but instead ended basking in the success of having guided one of the most prosperous economic periods this country has ever seen?

Doncha think she might have profited from that? Huh?

Ya dick.


Dad E said...

The intensity of the anti-Hillary sentiment is still a mystery to me. I could think of no better job for you than to be a writer on Maher's staff. You could have turned this issue 180 for him. I think it is fuzzy thinking to believe to that HRC does well when voters see her as a victim. She should be given credit for overcoming the problems Bill laid on her. Instead, I think it is seen as her political ambition so huge that she will suffer any indignity. When you are selling something, it is important to find the hidden objections people have in order to overcome them. If she and her staff realize the hidden agendas they have not addressed them. For instance-what is Bill going to do? be a co-president? and what was the process that led her to chose to stay with him? But I think its too late now for her. And I can't help wonder about this sniper fire fantasty. This is really distrubing!

RandyLuvsPaiste said...

Hillary running for president has been sort of a nation-wide Rorshach test about attitudes toward women in general.

Larry Jones said...

You're right, Vikki: What Mrs. Clinton profited from is her handling of her husband's affair, once it was exposed and used by slimy assholes for political gain.

Grant Miller said...

I love all the stuff he stands for, but I've never found him particularly funny or his show very watchable. I'm a snob, I know. But still.

dguzman said...

Preach it, woman! And preach it, dad e!

What a smart family you have, Vik.

I used to like Bill Maher, but it became obvious to me somewhere along the line that he was a bigtime male chauvinist pig, and then I stopped liking him so much. Now I just think he'll say anything for shock value.

Madam Z said...

Fortunately for BM, I did not see that episode. If I had, I guarantee he would have regretted it (in my very satisfying fantasy world, anyway). I breastfed each of my two babies until they were 15 months old. I fed them when they were hungry, no matter where we were at the time. I got some disapproving looks sometimes, but I stuck to my guns. It just goes to show what self-centered pricks some men are, that they would think that female breasts are there to please THEM, not to feed babies.

If any pregnant woman is reading this, and has not yet made up her mind whether or not to nurse her baby, I recommend that she read the ingredients label on various "formula" concoctions. It is horrifying what some mothers are pumping into their sweet, helpless little babies. A mother's own breast milk is nature's perfect food for her baby. And don't let any BM tell you different.

SJ said...

He hates women, loves whores/hookers, whatever the hell one chooses to call them. It's the only thing about him I loathe. That's why I no longer listen to any talk of his regarding the XX mystique. Fuck that.

vikkitikkitavi said...

DadE: I know. Maher needs to hire me, right? If only I could make him understand this.

Randy: You're right, and the results haven't been very pretty.

Larry: If she were to be given credit for her part in that whole deal, then that would mean that she acted with extraordinary political and personal conviction and dedication, and that's not a popular story line we want to believe about Hillary.

DGuz: You know, I actually do like to watch his show, mostly because it's on HBO and his guests can literally say whatever they want, and I find that Bill is an excellent moderator, and is very good at calling bullshit. HOWEVER, he is clearly in love with his image as a playboy, and it really is so fucking tedious sometimes. It's like, I know it's a routine, I know it's exaggeration for comic effect, but seriously, when you spend more time wondering why he's so fucked up than you spend laughing...

Mme. Z: There have been times when I was uncomfortable with a woman breastfeeding in public, but I always figured it was my hangup, and I resolved to do better in the future. That's the way adults deal with things, right? Regarding formula, hey, I got no right to preach to any mother about anything. They already got too many people telling them what to do.

SJ: You know, I honestly think it's a cultivated pose. I think it's his way of still being seen as macho even though his various positions are those that are considered by many male elements of society to be pussified. I mean, a board member of PETA? Are you fucking kidding me? Meanwhile, he treats his female guests well, and he clearly absolutely worships Christine Amanpour, as well he should. So he's contradiction. Who isn't? I still like his show.

'Bubbles' said...

Bravo on your comment response, re: moms already have too many people telling them what to do. Sadly, motherhood is one of those things that hard to get until you experience that you can't open the door at the Walmart because you can't hold one kids hand, hold the baby carrier with the other, keep your purse on your shoulder, and not look like a complete wreck. You want to go home but the baby needs more baby stuff... Hey, I started out motherhood all modest and worried about offending... but by kid number 3 I had to do what had to be done when the baby was hungry, the toddler was hungry, *I* was starving, and we only had a few minutes before we had to pick up the other kid from school... whip out the equipment for the baby at the table at Chili's (or where ever). If someone didn't like it I wish they would come on over and take the fussy baby so that *I* could judge *them*!