Monday, March 24, 2008

We make her paint her face and dance

It’s when I read stories like this that I really wish Clinton still had a chance at getting the presidential nomination.

Lest we forget, it still is, as the late James Brown was wont to remind us, a man’s world. And in cases where discrimination against other minorities would be unthinkable, it is still A-okay in this country to tell women to fuck the fuck off.

In this case, a federal judge dismissed a suit brought by a female professor who was fired by the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary because she was, well, female. The church of course cited your favorite bigot and mine, the Apostle Paul, or, as I like to call him, “the Apostle who totally wasn’t listening when Jesus opened his mouth and, like, said things.”

Why? Because in Timothy I (SO much better than Timothy II, by the way) Paul says that he does not permit women to teach or have authority over a man.

And by jiminy, that’s not only good enough for the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, it’s also good enough for U.S. Federal Judge John McBryde, who cited First Amendment freedom of religion-y type concerns in his decision to dismiss the suit.

Okay, you might say, if some religious institution believes that women cannot have authority over men, why not just let them be? Shouldn’t they be free to practice what they preach, as it were?

Except how would it be if that same institution denied employment to a member of another sect of Christianity? What if they fired a Pentecostal? Wait, better to use a non-crazy sect for that example. What if they fired a Methodist?

What if they fired a Jew? I believe some very sternly-worded press releases from the ADL would follow in very short order.

What if the Mormons had not foreseen the PR disaster ahead of them and had decided to keep with their former doctrine of “no nasty black people allowed”? I mean, you know, officially.

And while we’re tripping through the land of hypotheticals, would we feel quite so tolerant of rules about women from various sects being told to cover up their bodies, if those rules applied not to women, but to another group? What if some Islamic University in the US had forced a Christian professor to cover his body and to wear a veil while he taught his students, in order that they not be tempted by the sight of an infidel? How do you think that federal judge would have ruled then?

Before you answer, I should perhaps tell you that in a past case, that same judge ruled against a Santerian priest, whose religion is a Cuban offshoot of Catholicism. The priest wanted to kill a goat as part of a religious ceremony, and Judge McBryde cited health concerns in upholding a lower court decision that forbade the ritual within city limits.

Or, in other words, Goats: 1, Women: 0.


Lisa said...

Hell, while we're at it, let's fire everyone wearing poly/cotton blends. Scripture forbids that, too, yes?

Hotmail hates me and doesn't want me to reply to your nice email.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Lisa: Good point. I don't even know how the slaughterhouses stay in business, if they have to fire every guy who touches a pig.

dguzman said...


cheer34 said...

well what did that woman expect...she should be home taking care of her man and offspring...

I had a boss tell me that all the economic woes of this country were because women were in the work force and not at home where we belonged...I was fired along with the only other female sales rep a short time later...I sued and won.

'Bubbles' said...

Yep. All I can say to my daughters is, "It REALLY sucked for my mom. It only sucked a lot for me. Now, go get 'em girls. Kick butt."


I get so pissed at the male version of women's role from the church crowd. They freaking don't have a clue.

Sounded like Jesus totally got it with the (paraphrased) let those without sin cast the first stone... speaking of a prostitute - trying to, uh, stay alive.

Why don't they get - JUST THAT?

Then we can all move on to the next century, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet both the school officials who did the original firing and the judge are part of that whole Promise Keepers movement.

vikkitikkitavi said...

What's with the female ghetto in the comments section, BTW? Guys got no opinion about this?

Dad E said...

My thoughts seem feeble compared to the injustices stated and accuracy of your analyses.

sv said...

Pardon me, I digressed. I was thinking about all the Republicans and so-called religious types out there that really deserve to be told to fuck the fuck off!

sv said...

Pardon me, I digressed. I was thinking about all the Republicans and so-called religious types out there that really deserve to be told to fuck the fuck off!

Grant Miller said...

Whatever happened to the Promise Keepers?