Thursday, April 27, 2006

Da Vinci say what?

I cannot take any more news stories like this one. This is not cute anymore.

The book was crap, people!

Warmed-over goddessy putrid crap!

Oh sure, it was a page-turner. But the prose! Aaaaaeeegahhhh!

It was so bad it hurt my eyes to read it!

But it was on the best seller list for blah blah weeks you say, and besides everyone in the country has read this book and LOVED it! How can you be such a elitist snob?

How? Because I was burned before. Burned real bad.


Grant Miller said...

I'm so sorry you were burned by the Bridges of Madison County. I never read it, but was equally burned by "All The Pretty Horses." I believe I am the only person who thought it was lousy. Or at least overrated. Although I was pleasantly surprised by "The Corrections," another one of those books EVERYONE reads and likes. It really was pretty good. I haven't read the DaVinci Code. I'm scared I won't like it and will feel like an elitist snob. Which isn't an entirely bad feeling, I guess.

vikkitikkitavi said...

All the Pretty Horses. Holy fuckin crap.

How about some fuckin quotation marks every once in a while, huh, Cormac? So I can tell the fuckin diaglogue from the fuckin narration? Or would that ruin the precious sparseness of your prose? Because I shouldn't have to read a sentence 3 times just to glean that Blevins said the horse is lame.

Oh well, at least the movie for ATPH could be easily ignored, thanks largely to its hilarious casting of 3 actors pushing 30 playing characters that are supposed to be, what? 16 or 17?

It was kinda like watching "Grease" on Horseback.

I fear I will have to find a cave far away from any media for the week preceding the release of that damn DaVinci piece of shit.

BTW, I have until this point avoided "The Corrections," mostly for fear of BofMC syndrome, but I must reconsider now that you tell me you liked it.

GETkristiLOVE said...

DaVinci Code est merde absolut!

Not only is the prose something that a 3rd grader would write as you pointed out, but let's insult our intelligence further by having a "clue" that's written backwards (like, DaVinci... get it?) that stumps all the supposed top historians. Give me a break.

Tom Hanks, what are you thinking?

Megan said...
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Megan said...

The Corrections is one of my all-time favorites. Best of all, the author himself is an elitist snob. Oprah chose The Corrections for her book club and he bad-mouthed it and her followers so much that she dropped him. Read it.