Thursday, April 20, 2006

Now go and bake me some cookies, bitch

Look, I ususally don't bother with cunts like Caitlin Flanagan, because

1) like Ann Coulter, the beast feeds on attention, and

2) there's nothing really new going on there.

Flanagan is just Phyllis Schlafly with a slightly, and I do mean slightly, better hairdo.

See what I mean? Flanagan's just 10 years away from a total Schlafly 'do. Mark my words.

And Flanagan's schtick is very similar to Schlafly's as well: Mothers should stay home and raise their children, lest they be damaged. Women should let men be the boss at home, or society will crumble and Jesus will cry.

Case in point. Elle writer Laurie Abraham talks about her interview with Flanagan:

In writer Laurie Abraham's telling of their interview, Abraham arrived at Flanagan's house flustered; back home, her daughter's pet gerbil had just died. Flanagan at first sympathized. Then after their chat turned heated over the question of what's lost when a mother works, she reminded Abraham: "The gerbil's dead and you're here."

"You could hear me gasp on the tape," Abraham said in an interview.

When reminded of the exchange, Flanagan gazed into the middle distance and mused, "Yeah, that was funny."

Yeah, that was funny, bitch. You know what else is funny?

That you, just like Schlafly, are a working mother. You write for the Atlantic and the New Yorker. You're currently on a press junket for your new book, for fuck's sake.

If only you WERE a stay-at-home mom, then we wouldn't have to listen to your hypocritical bile.

So what I'd like to know is, when you were on the other side of the country from your home, doing the Colbert Report last night, who was taking care of your kids?

And did their gerbils survive the ordeal?


kitchen said...

i saw this chick on the Colbert Report last night. God, she irked me. But Colbert was giving it to her good, though.

vikkitikkitavi said...

She just laughed and affirmed every outrageous thing Colbert said. It's a good survival technique, but not very original.

Grant Miller said...

Haven't seen the Report yet. It's Tivoed. I've heard righties claim he's actually making fun of the "liberal media." My ass.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I applaud righties who like the Colbert Report. Shows they can laugh at themselves.