Friday, April 28, 2006

On the occasion of $3.19 a gallon

The president says that he's against "manipulation."

Concerning the price of gasoline, that is.

And yet, the former oilman, and son and friend of other oilmen, as he's assuring the American people that he's really, truly going to take an good, deep look at oil company profits, honestly, he is, he can't resist also taking advantage of the opportunity to suspend provisions of the Clean Air Act.

Wait. That didn't surprise you, did it?

Oh, and also taking a swipe at "boutique fuels," a cleverly-named term for the various grades of fuel required by state and local governments in order to decrease auto emissions.

Here in California, emissions are a problem. I'm pretty sure other people in the world are concerned about it too.

So is our irrational demand for clean air the thing that's driving prices upward? Or could it be this? Or this? Or this?


Hill said...

One day, if I try really really hard, and am nice to all the right people and read all the right books and pay lots of money and, I dunno, sleep around with those "in the know" - one day, can I PLEASE be as awesome as you, Vikki????

Fucking great post. I check my countdown every day and smile as the numbers dwindle smaller and smaller for Bush's time left in office.

Sometimes just watching them tick backwards soothes me just a little... =)

Grant Miller said...

Thank God the President finally is taking a look into this.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Thanks, Hill. I also have a BushCo calendar, given to me by my friend Alex, and I mark off each month as it ends with a big black X.

It only helps for a microsecond, though.