Tuesday, April 18, 2006

There. Feel better now?

Last night, I couldn't stop thinking about that dang story in the Post, and how completely fucking infuriating and condescending it was.

Especially coming from a paper whose level of credulousness was only surpassed by the NY Times's own neo-con ass pony.

Look, there's not a thinking person left anywhere who doesn't know in their heart that we were lied to, that we were played by the very people we entrusted to look after our interests.

And that 2500 servicemen and women, who pledged their lives to defend us from real threats to our safety, are now dead as a result.

It's been demonstrated that the war was inevitable, and only because our president wanted it that way. Clearly BushCo has a new world order in mind, and that order obviously requires America's very own middleast oil gusher.

And yet, the Post's David Finkel finds liberal blogger anger at the president so amusing, and definitely in a pathetic kind of way. It's funny, really, how upset we liberals get about that darn Bush administration and its foibles! Come on, we need to lighten up, and you know, we could also clean up our language too, huh?

What's with all the fucking expletives all the time?

We're just mad because the Republicans make jokes about us now.

You know it's true.

Look, there's been plenty of political scandals over the years, so settle down and cut the Bushies a break. Don't you remember the titillating "Petticoat Affair," or the intoxicating outrageousness of the "Whiskey Ring," or the balls-out impropriety that was "Teapot Dome?"

Sure, not a lot of people died in those scandals, but national politics, to say nothing of national commerce and...uh, teapots...or domes, or something, will never be the same.

So sit back and relax, liberals, and take a page from the Post: nothing you say makes any difference.

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