Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My hero


kiki said...


Anon. Blogger said...

I read the post without noticing your title. Said to self, "My Hero"...

The poster (in its original form) sickens me because it shows the clear lack of respect pro lifers have for women and their ability and power to take responsibility for the choice. As if doctors are the decision makers for women - which of course is the whole freaking point. Stripping away women's rights.

(Pardon me for stating the obvious. It just pisses me off.)

CiscoKid said...

Great Poster, I wonder where that picture was taken?....

vikkitikkitavi said...

Kiki: When I lived in Chicago, I was very big on defacing ads that I thought were bullshit. It always scared the shit out of me when I was doing it, though. I do not have the nerves of a tagger.

Anon: Yeah, for me, people should get to be in charge of their own bodies, and for me that trumps everything else.

CiscoKid: Apparently in DC. I should have credited my source, though:

Megan said...

And why's the woman on the poster black?

vikkitikkitavi said...

Megan: The right needs to reconcile their message to black people.

First of all, they want no more "welfare queens" squeezing out the pups at taxpayer expense. Of course their term "welfare queens" was always understood to refer to black women, even though the reality of who benefits the most from public assistance, race-wise, is very different.

Now, they are targeting black women in DC and telling them they shouldn't have an abortion.

So, what are the available options, then?

1. Use extremely reliable birth control.

Birth control, especially the reliable kind, is expensive. And we know they don't want taxpayer dollars to go toward subsidizing birth dontrol. I can only conclude that this is NOT their intended message.

2. Don't have sex.

Oh, that old chestnut! Is that their answer for everything? And while I'm sure that many on the right would heave a big sigh of relief if those pesky black people would just stop fucking, it seems unlikely, to say the least.