Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Swiftboating of Jesus

“I was in Vietnam. Where was Jesus? On the sidelines, marching for peace most likely. Peace will get us nowhere in this time of eternal conflict. Like everyone, I support Christ’s earlier work, but I’ve been told I’m anti-Christ now. So be it. Just vote for me,” said GOP hopeful John McCain.

William K. Wolfrum via Crooks and Liars


david said...

I think he might be dangerously nuts.

But his remarks did crack me up...

Skylers Dad said...

This is my fav:
"The man … and I use that term loosely. Have you seen his hair? … The man cavorts with prostitutes and has a group of homeless male “disciples.” No, I’m not saying anything. I’m not. Really. I’m not calling him a homosexual whore-chaser. Don’t get me wrong,” said Rush Limbaugh.

I can just see that worm saying it!

dad said...

People that survive a hurricane will thank the lord they are still alive. It makes them feel special when they need something to hold onto. The people that died? "Well, you got to trust the good lord knows what he is doing."

If McCain ever finds Jesus, we are in for a heap of trouble.

RandyLuvsPaiste said...

He just lost the Mary J. Blige vote.