Friday, October 24, 2008

WTF Happened

Of all the weasels that BushCo has tapped to sell their lies to the American public, Scott McClellan at least had the good grace to be really bad at it.

He was eventually forced out by BushCo when his defense of the administration became increasingly weak, ineffective and convoluted. Earlier this year, he published a memoir of his years in the WH titled What Happened. It was critical of BushCo, if not exactly condemning it outright. BushCo responding by calling McClellan everything from disgruntled to possibly insane. Rove basically suggested that McClellan must have fallen asleep next to some left-wing blogger pods.

Aw, but payback, she is the bitch, and political payback may be the biggest bitch of them all, because McClellan has endorsed Obama.


Doc said...

I think your title is much better than his, but it would be a hard sell to the publisher

Glad to hear you had a great time south of the border and tell Spooney that that is a damn fine looking hat regardless how drunk he was.


bubbles said...

I love it when what goes around comes around. Do you think a similar situation was in play with Powel's endorsement?

vikkitikkitavi said...

Bubbles: I think Powell is after political redemption, and I think he thinks he will find it (or begin to) by endorsing Obama.

Dad E said...

I agree with the redemption but I don't think he is going for any elective office, but wants to be a player is the process of correcting the morasses that he witnessed during his time in the white house. I still believe that he can be a positive force in the future. His endorsement of Obama was for all the right reasons.

Johnny Yen said...

"his defense of the administration became increasingly weak, ineffective and convoluted."

Not to defend him, but wasn't the real issue that the Bush narrative had become increasingly weak, ineffective and convoluted? It's hard to make a filet out of shit.