Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And those are the moderates!

Columbia Christians for Life defines the term "pro-life":

As we noted last week, the anti-abortion group Columbia Christians for Life claimed that Katrina is God's punishment for America's tolerance of abortion rights. The proof? The group says a satellite image of Katrina as the hurricane struck land in Louisiana looks just like the ultrasound image of a 6-week-old fetus.

The group is out with a new message now, and it's claiming victory. New Orleans had five operating abortion clinics before Katrina, the group says. Now it has none. "As sad as it is to see the heart-aching loss of life and the suffering of people in New Orleans, " the Columbia Christians say in their latest e-mail message, "we can only give praise to God for sparing the lives of the innocent unborn who have been murdered by the tens of thousands in New Orleans and the rest of the state of Louisiana, year-after-year-after-year, despite prophetic warnings from men of God."

The group continues: "God is not mocked. We reap what we sow ... The city of New Orleans has sown innocent bloodshed and violence in the womb for years and years and has now reaped bloodshed and violence on her streets. May the people in the city of New Orleans be broken by God's Holy Law, receive, by God's grace, his gift of faith ... and receive his great salvation through Christ alone, repenting of their sins, and receiving Jesus Christ (Yahshua Messiah) as their Lord and Savior. Hallelu-Yah ! Then, may New Orleans be delivered from her many sins!"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know: I sound like such a bug-eyed survivalist in that post -- I'm kind of embarrassed. Shocked at the sound of my own trigger-happiness.

Which isn't what it is. It's just a determination to diminish the odds that the people I love and live with would have to starve, die of infection or be brutalized at the hands of ... whatever those people were, under the kind of feckless leadership vacuum that fed that suffering. You're right, it's an awful decision to have to make, to shoot someone -- but I'd rather I made it than some guy trying to kill me, my wife or my kids.

Under such circumstances as we've seen, I'd want to be ready to take on anyone or anything that threatened us with death. Unless it was you, and I'd taken your parking space. Then I'd just give up.
(aka True Ancestor)

vikkitikkitavi said...


I believe you meant to respond to the previous post.

And I think you're being very practical. Not bug-eyed at all. Hey, I'd be only to happy to be in your camp, because then I'd have someone to do the shooting for me and I would never have to face my own hypocrisy.

Charlton Heston is fond of berating his "liberal Hollywood" friends, and is also equally fond of telling the world that during the Rodney King verdict riots, many of those same liberals wanted to camp out at his compound under the watchful eye of Chuck and his guns.

I'm not sure who those Hollywood liberals are, that are hanging with Chuck Heston. What, like Dick Clark? Rose Marie? Who's he talking about, exactly?