Monday, September 12, 2005

Review of Bar Marmont

I had, hands down, my worst LA dining experience ever at Bar Marmont Saturday night.

I'm not sure of the affiliation with Chateau Marmont, where we stayed that night, which was wonderful. If you live in LA or ever visit, you must stay there at least once.

But Bar Marmont was a fucking nightmare.

Okay, so there's 9 of us, and we are seated and get drinks and the service is swift and everything's groovy. Then we get half of our food, and we're told the other half is on its way.

Ten minutes later, we're told again that it is on its way.

And then again.

And then again.

Meanwhile, we see tables around us getting their food, no problem. We see items that are the same as some of the food we are missing delivered to other tables.

We speak to the manager, who also assures us the food is on its way.

Everyone else finishes their food and half of us still do not have ours. It has been 30 minutes since they told us it was "on the way."

I worked in food service for 12 years, and I'm thinking that at this point, every effort in the kitchen should probably be focused on us, and our food. In fact, this should have happened 20 minutes ago, when the situation entered the customer service critical zone.

It was then that the waitress came to our table and admitted to us that the kitchen HAD NOT YET BEGUN to make our food, and did we still want it?


They offered no explanation for why they had strung us along in this manner, but offered to buy our "second round" of drinks.

Four drinks. That's what they were offering us.

Now, as I said, I've worked in food service a long time, and I can tell you quite objectively that this offer is completely inadequate. We suggested same to the manager, but he was quite stubborn and refused to do anything else for us.

To add insult to injury, our bill arrived with the food we never received still on it.

To add literal insult to injury, the manager made a sarcastic comment to us as we left, thanking us for being so "nice."

So fuck those fuckers. I hope this review gets on the Google first page.


Spooney said...

You should leave a bad review on the citysearch thingy.
I'm sure you already thought of that.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Yeah, I did that too.

Anonymous said...

Some idiot like Judd Nelson probably wanted your table.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Actually, it was Don Johnson, but that's beside the point.