Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Hammer: not a nickname given to those of subtle wit or refined discourse

I love Tom Delay's defense of his own sorry ass yesterday:

Firstly, he describes the craven nature of the Austin, Texas District Attorney, Ronnie Earl:

"He has gone out of his way to give several media interviews in his office - the only days he actually comes to the office, I'm told."

Oh, snap! Oh no you didn't!

With all due respect, Mr. Former Speaker, you do NOT want to make Ronnie put on his heels and come on down there and kick your ass. I heard Ronnie Earl was a real badass lawman. Sort of a real-life Walker Texas Ranger, only without all that pussy karate shit.

Delay went on to emphsize that he was all innocent and stuff.
"I have done nothing wrong. I have violated no law, no regulation, no rule of the House. I have done nothing unlawful, unethical or, I might add, unprecedented."

If you've seen the tape of his remarks, you know that last word in the above sentence was given particular stress.

I love it. He's drowning in his own snarky, greedy, ambitious bile, and he still - STILL - reaches out of the cesspool to make yet one more of his trademark not-so-veiled threats.

So, who set the precedent, Tommy?

Cause I'm just dying to know.

Go on, rock my world, Tommy.

I can take it.

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