Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gentlemen, start your spin!

Ouch, even the Republicans are attacking BushCo! Not kidding. Go to the places where conservatives speak to each other, and you will hear - listen for it! - voices of dissent.

Bush has had to call for his own commission now, to investigate the poor response to Katrina. You know the only reason he has done this is to stop the hemmorraging of support for his administration from members of his own party:

''Government at all levels failed,'' Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said at the Capitol. She announced that the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee would hold hearings, adding, ''It is difficult to understand the lack of preparedness and the ineffective initial response to a disaster that had been predicted for years, and for which specific, dire warnings had been given for days.''

Stung by criticism, Bush called congressional leaders to the White House for a meeting, their first since the hurricane spread death and destruction on a fearsome scope along the Gulf Coast and left much of New Orleans under several feet of floodwaters.

So now we got a congressional commission on Katrina, and a presidential commission.

Ah, dueling blamefests, with the Dems going for BushCo and its hapless cronies, like FEMA head and former Arabian Horse Expert Michael Brown AKA "Brownie", and the Repubs striking at Dem N.O. mayor and loose cannon Ray Nagin.

I can't wait.

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