Monday, September 12, 2005

Don't hate the blame game player, hate the blame game player game.

Oh, well, okay then.

NEW ORLEANS — President Bush denied Monday there was any racial component to people being left behind after Hurricane Katrina, despite suggestions from some critics that the response would have been quicker if so many of the victims hadn't been poor and black.

"The storm didn't discriminate and neither will the recovery effort," Bush said. "The rescue efforts were comprehensive. The recovery will be comprehensive."

Bush made the remarks to reporters at the end of a tour that took him through several flooded New Orleans neighborhoods.

Occasionally, Bush had to duck to avoid low-hanging electrical wires and branches.

Oh, for a low-hanging electrical wire with some electricity in it!

It was Bush's first exposure to the on-the-ground leadership of his new hurricane relief chief. The federal response to the disaster has been roundly criticized as sluggish and inept.

Bush said Congress should consider whether the federal government should have more authority to step into disaster areas without a request from the states. "All of us want to learn lessons," he said.

See, see how he’s still trying to blame the Governor of LA? He’s intimating that she did not request aid in time, WHICH IS A LIE. But no acknowledgement of that from the reporter. No mention how BushCo was all, “we hate the blame game” in public, and meanwhile they are secretly briefing reporters “on background” about how it’s really the fault of state and local officials.

No mention of all the “background” lies from BushCo printed in the papers, without verification, about the slowness of the governor’s response. Hinting that she didn't turn in the proper form, or didn't get it fucking notarized or some shit like that. It's all fucking lies, but it gets printed like it's the truth.

And then the president tried to "clarify" his "lie" about nobody anticipating a levee breach:

He said he was referring to that "sense of relaxation in a critical moment" when many people initially thought the storm had not inflicted heavy damage on the city.
What the fuck is that motherfucker talking about? And who the hell was he talking to that was relaxed? They were reporting that was water coming over the levee before Katrina made landfall, you stupid, tragic, frat-boy asshole.

At least FEMA director Mike "I heart my Arabian Horse" Brown is out of the picture, having been relieved of this particular duty (but not fired) and replaced by Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen. Brown couldn't exit the scene without a least one more demostration of his complete lack of empathy and self-awareness, though:
“I’m going to go home and walk my dog and hug my wife and, maybe get a good Mexican meal and a stiff margarita and a full night’s sleep. And then I’m going to go right back to FEMA and continue to do all I can to help these victims,”

Yeah, that's right. Right after the margarita. And the sleep and the mexican food and stuff. Then, the very next thing, I'm going to help the victims.

What a douche.

And my favorite moment so far, when an ER doctor on live television told Cheney to go fuck himself. He said it a couple of times. On live tv.

Needless to say, I was in heaven.

Cheney told the doctor he found his "lack of faith disturbing" and then lifted him off the ground by the throat by making a little pinching gesture with his fingers.

Oh, and then there's Kanye.

Oh, Kanye. You had me at "George Bush hates black people."

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