Wednesday, September 07, 2005

But will her heart still go on?

Celine is upset, yo. And girl, she will NOT stop representing for the victims of Katrina, so don't even ask.

Oh, Celine. Celine, Celine. Stop workin' the diva hand, put your checkbook down and sing us a song.

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Thanks to Bil for the tip.


Randyluvspaiste said...

When she says "our country", is she assuming Canada is the 51st state?

Okay, okay. It is tough to swallow a lecture from a diva, but her point is right on target. If New Orleans was run by dictator with huge oil reserves, does anyone doubt repsonse would have been better?

vikkitikkitavi said...

Considering that the Canadians do every good thing we do better than we do it, and in nastier weather, we should consider ourselves lucky to ride their coat tails.

But they do breed some crazy-ass bitches.