Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All apologies

I don't know why I'm surprised that Kerry, who seriously cannot tell a joke to save his life, unlike some Democratic candidates I know, has been held to account for the words he spoke, accident or no, in a way that BushCo has never been.

As far as apologizing to the troops goes, here's the latest reason Bush should apologize - our withdrawal from Sadr City:

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki demanded the removal of American checkpoints from the streets of Baghdad on Tuesday, in what appeared to be his latest and boldest gambit in an increasingly tense struggle for more independence from his American protectors.

Mr. Maliki's public declaration seemed at first to catch American commanders off guard. But by nightfall, American troops had abandoned all the positions in eastern and central Baghdad that they had set up last week with Iraqi forces as part of a search for a missing American soldier. The checkpoints had snarled traffic and disrupted daily life and commerce throughout the eastern part of the city.

The language of the declaration, which implied that Mr. Maliki had the power to command American forces, seemed to overstep his authority and to be aimed at placating his Shiite constituency.

So, since Bush isn't likely to step and apologize, let me just say it: Sorry missing American soldier, but we've given up on you. And sorry to all the soldiers whose deaths in Sadr City helped make October the 4th most deadly month for troops in Iraq. Sorry. Sorry it was all in vain. Thanks for giving your lives to help find your comrade. And again, so so sorry.


Anonymous said...

So much for "never leave a man behind."

Chris said...

Yeah, but Kerry said all troops are dummies. He hates Amurica AND freedom. There is no forgiving that!

Dubya has nothing to apologize for. He loves freedom and baby Jesus and gynecologists that practice their love on their patients. He clears brush, dammit! What more do you want from him?

dad said...

Actually, Kerry was right. Fighting wars always falls more on the uneducated and disadvantaged. For Bush to get on his high horse and demand an apology to the troops for what Kerry said smacks of outrage so strong that I think Kerry should respond with the strongest condemnation of the privledged who are kept from combat due to their parents influence. The last thing I'd do is go and the defensive. This would be an opportunity to stuff it down Bush's arrogant throat.

Megan said...

Vikki - Just when you think the man couldn't possibly BE more of an asshole. . .

Grant Miller said...

Did you see Olbermann last night? The special commentary was good.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Kirby: But he was part Iraqi, so I'm sure we'll get over him quickly.

Chris: Why do you hate brush?

Dad: And true to his nature, Kerry has tucked tail and skulked back to MA.

Megan: I've stopped thinking that.

Grant: No, but I read an excerpt on their website. I'm sure Crooks and Liars will post.

What gets me is not that the Republicans are pretending to misunderstand what Kerry meant, but that the press is playing along, like there actually is a chance in hell that Kerry was speaking of the troops in Iraq, and not the man that put them there. It's outrageous.