Monday, November 13, 2006

Here's what I don't get

If we Democrats are so closely aligned with Al-Qaeda types that our election to the U.S. Congress prompts the president to make this statement to warn the terrorists that it's not olly olly oxen-free time:
Do not confuse the workings of American democracy with a lack of American will. Our Nation is committed to bringing you to justice, and we will prevail.
And even "fair and balanced" networks are forced to wonder if I am just a mouthpiece for bin Laden:

Then how is one to explain the arrest of right-wing freeper Chad Castagana, who allegedly mailed anthrax-like powder to famous Democrats and entertainers? How can a man who believes "Ann Coulter is a Goddess" and who "worships" Laura Ingraham and Michele Malkin be not "with us" but "against us"? That just goes against everything BushCo and the media have been saying.

How can a man who describes himself as having "an Associates Degree in the Science of Electronics" hate America?

In short, how can a terrorist be a Republican????????

Not only that, but what in the hell is the DeVry Institute of Technology teaching its students these days??

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