Thursday, November 30, 2006

Listen to your mother

I don't have children.

But if I did, I would tell them the usual stuff, I guess. Stay in school. Drink your milk. Don't smoke crack naked in alligator-infested waters.


Piper said...

I should have swollowed my coffee before I clicked that link. LMAO Thanks for posting it!

Rob Anderson said...

So if the gator had gotten him, would it have gotten a contact high??

Phil said...

Didn't Springsteen write a song about this?

"I was eight years old, runnng with, 20 dolla in my hand. To the busstop to pick, up some rock, for my old man..."

Grant Miller said...

Don't do crack. It's a ghetto drug.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Piper: ALWAYS swallow your coffee before following any of my links.

Rob: I don't know, but after I read this story, I couldn't stop singing that America lyric "alligator lizards in the air..."

Phil: Is THAT what he's saying?

Grant: In the words of Whitney, "Crack is whack."

bro said...

Thats the problem with crack, it makes you not care about the alligators.