Tuesday, May 01, 2007

#1 with a bullet! Usually a stray bullet from gang gunfire, but still.

NFL, where did the love go?

International Olympic Committee, don’t be a player hater.

Because we’re still number one, baby.


Skylers Dad said...

Are you wearing your big, #1 foam finger today?

Johnny Yen said...

L.A., who loves ya, baby? Randy Newman.


Anon. Blogger said...

I've never been to L.A. proper. I used to go to Riverside for work, though. How much does that count?

The Valley of the Sun is turning into the Vally of the Smog, too. But I still drive kids all over hell and gone, don't I?

I'd better stop, I can't handle a can of whoop ass today, either! :-)

Spooney said...

cough...wheez....YEAH! WE'RE...cough...wheez...#...cough

RandyLuvsPaiste said...



Love it or leave it, bitches!

It still beats the shit outta Pennsyltuckey any day of the week.

Chris said...

I can FEEL the L.A. pride oozing out of this post like a toxic sludge. Give yourselves a hand!

dad said...

You have not seen very bad air pollution until you have visited big cities in China, especially Beijing.

vikkitikkitavi said...

SkyDad: Yes. And that's all I'm wearing.

JohnnyY: Ah, yes, the "I Love LA" video. So dated, and yet...so timeless.

AB: Riverside? Baby, that's a whole different county. Shit, you might as well be in Norwalk.

Spooney: Trying to yell "#" always makes me cough, too.

Randy: I'm not sure "love it or leave it" accurately expresses the feelings of the denizens of LA. More like "LA: bitch about how much you hate it every goddamn day until you finally move to Seattle."

Chris: Give ourselves a hand? Do we ever do anything but?

Dad: Are you SURE? Remember those 3 years I spent in Pittsburgh?

Pops said...

LA glomming on to all the work Riverside does whenever the national media rolls in. Low literacy rates, bad test scores, significant percentage of the national meth-lab average, kids with reduce lung capacities due to pollution... we're the ones who keep LA on the map ever since Compton went all soft. 951 4 life. Or until they subdivide the area code again.

dad said...


You have no idea, nor did I, but its a fact.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Not to mention that I hate flying into LAX. Hate it.

SJ said...

We're number 3, aw yeah. (Birmingham, Alabama where I live amongst.) I feel so totally like one of the cool kids now.

lulu said...

I wish you guys had gotten the Olympic nod. The idea of that many extra people in this city frightens me. In the abstract it would be cool, I guess, but the reality of all those people, all the security etc., is going to suck.