Monday, May 21, 2007

Don't praise me, I totally stole this idea from McSweeney's.

Categories in which I'm pretty sure I could best all-time Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings:

  1. Vegetarian Mexican Restaurants of the San Fernando Valley
  2. DSW Clearance Discount Codes
  3. Light Beers That Are Not That Bad
  4. Mount Everest 1996: What Went Wrong?
  5. Electrical Glitches of the Volvo Wagon 960 Series
  6. Sewing Notions
  7. Bruce Springsteen Lyrics
  8. Reasons to Hate Blogger
  9. Pernicious Weeds of Southern California
  10. Canine Diarrhea
  11. Tea Towel Decorative Motifs of the 50s & 60s
  12. Bands My Friends Are In
  13. Orson Welles Fun Facts & Figures
  14. Hummingbird Species Common to My Backyard
  15. Star Trek TOS: Name That Episode

Hey, why not steal from McSweeney's yourself? Leave me a comment, or if you're really hard up like me, why not devote a whole post on your own blog to it?


Skylers Dad said...

Sweet idea, I am all over this Vikki!

'Bubbles' said...

Tea Towels. Really?

I'm impressed.

I'll see what I can do.

RandyLuvsPaiste said...

16. Things you might find stuck in a drummer's ear.

kiki said...

you and me
"boss off"

GETkristiLOVE said...

...and Canine vomit too, although you're probably much more expert in diarrhea.

vikkitikkitavi said...

SkyDad: Yes, feel free to steal from me what I stole from a someone else. I'm sure their site has copyright protection, but no matter.

Bubbles: In fact, I am a collector of various vintage kitchen things. I say this to you now, not without more than a little trepidation: I have a vintage rolling pin collection, which I display in rack made for just such a purpose, on my kitchen wall. I have hinted previously that I have a whole scary Martha Stewart-type side that my blogger friends don't really know. My sis can vouch, though, that I get really excited when I find an antique kitchen utensil with a nifty painted wooden handle.

Randy: I might have added that category if I knew what the hell that thing was that I pulled out of your ear. All I know is that it was FUCKING HUGE.

Kiki: You're on.

Kristi: I guess I should have said "Canine Bodily Fluids," but then I'm afraid that they might have some that I haven't seen yet.

Spooney said...

These are the only categories that I could compete in.

1. Obscure facts about The Beatles.
2. American cars of the 1950s through to the 1970s.
3. Fender guitars & amps.
4. The real names of the Three Stooges.
5. Who wrote that song.
7. Human evolution
8. SNL cast members
9. Real names of famous rock stars.
10. American coins
11. Sitcoms of the 1960s
12. Comedy movies of the 1980s

Grant Miller said...

Great idea! In fact, I've devoted my entire site to stealing from McSweeney's!

Johnny Yen said...

I've only read "Into Thin Air," but was likewise fascinated by the account-- I'd like to read the other accounts (the Russian guy who's since died, for instance)-- I think he wrote a book in response to criticism of his actions, didn't he?

Spooney said...

"Tea Towel Decorative Motifs of the 50s & 60s"

Christ, she never stops talking about it.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Spooney: You forgot "Name the Lineup of Any Band in Any Particular Year."

Grant: You said it, not me.

JohnnyY: You mean Anatoli Boukreev, and yes, his book was in response to what he felt were accusations leveled in Krakauer's book. My sister and I used to argue the events of that day for hours. She's definitely in the Boukreev camp, while I lean a little more toward Krakauer.

Spooney 2nd: Right, while guitar amps are SO fascinating...

dad said...

My additions
1. How to line up electrons to hit phosphor dots/slits in a CRT.
2. How to properly dispose of asbestos according to EPA regulations.
3. Porcelain enamel requirements for various appliances and how to test for them.
4. The similaries between a tennis serve and a golf swing.
5. Ski racing tactics and techniques.
6. How to learn any dance by watching others do it.
7. How to fold a newspaper so it can be thrown 50 feet.
8. Correct fingering for playing "Bumble Boogie" on the piano.
9. How to survive political agendas within volunteer organizations.
10. How to shackle a cow before hand milking her.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Holy shit, Dad! I should get you to teach me some of that shit.

Megan said...

Ohmygod you started a meme! And you HATE memes.

kiki said...

i did this now too.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Megan: I was hoping no one would notice. Also hoping McSweeney's doesn't sue.

Kiki: You are one of the few bloggers out there whose every post makes me feel like I know you less than before.