Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gimme back my money, bitch

According to Salon and The Boston Globe, the party-neutral Congressional Budget Office is estimating that our current expenditures in Iraq (500 billion) will double before the war is over.

That will, of course, put the price tag at 1 trillion. One fucking trillion dollars.


If you can stand it, think for a minute about what we could have done with that money.

The security systems we could have improved in seaports, airports, power plants and public places.

The cops/FBI officers we could have put on the street. The raises we could have given our armed services personnel. The improvements made to the medical care given to our veterans.

We could have made ourselves so much safer from the attacks that would have been so much less likely anyway, because we wouldn’t have been off in the Middle East playing Lord of the Flies.

We could have funded education at decent levels in every state. We could have paid for universal health care several times over.

All that, and we could even have let those fucking rich selfish fuckers keep their fucking tax break, too.

We’d have money to spare in that Social Security lockbox that Al Gore used to speak of so lovingly in his campaign speeches.

We could wipe out the budget deficit, and perhaps experience the kind of boom in business and opportunity that we experienced in the 90s.

Yeah, the 90s. When that horrible immoral BJ-likin’ asshole ruined our country and dragged us through the mud with his LIES ABOUT IMPORTANT THINGS, and his TAX AND SPEND ways, and his GENERAL OVERALL SLICKNESS.


Anonymous said...

It just boggles the mind, doesn't it? I have a friend who is married to one of the 29%'ers you hear about. He would have an argument against every point you have made (rather, he would parrot Limbaugh's bullshit arguments) even though he and people like him him will end up suffering the most as a result of this administration. With every new outrage, I think, finally now he'll see the light. It just doesn't happen. I don't even think seeing Bush and Cheney in a tiger cage in The Hague would change his mind.

RandyLuvsPaiste said...

From the Lastest CNN poll (if you believe polls):

Clinton 43%
Obama 22%
Edwards 11%

I think people are finally remembering how much better it was when a Clinton was in the White House...and it's about fuckin' time.

Skylers Dad said...

Stop making so much sense Vikki, my head hurts...

Megan said...

Remember how Thoreau stopped paying his taxes because he didn't want to fund the Spanish-American War? We could totally do that. Of course, he went to jail so we'd probably have to do that bit too. Shit.

kiki said...

yeah, but how much oil do you have access to now??

and don't forget the axis of evil!!

'Bubbles' said...

God fucking forbid we help anyone here on this continent.


Chris said...

I think about this a lot and I sense many others that may not have are starting to. The more our infrastructure crumbles and the more people feel abandoned by their government, the more people will start asking, "What are we really getting for the money we paid?" and the closer we'll come to a great awakening.

Or not. Maybe people just don't give a fuck. It kills me to think that, but then I think back to Dubya being reelected despite the myriad evidence of his ineptitude. But hey, I hope they enjoyed their *cough* tax cuts. Fucking imbeciles.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Kirby: Mmmmm....Bush & Cheney in a tiger cage...
Randy: I think that's a poll of Democrats, isn't it? Democrats have always known how much better it was.
SkyDad: Can't help it. I'm a natural born sense-maker.
Megan: I know, the only people who don't pay their taxes now are those crazy militia types. Talk about strange bedfellows...
Kiki: Actually, not that much. Turns out, as P.J. O'Rourke has noted, it was cheaper to pay for the oil than it is to steal it.
Bubbles: God forbid our policy does anything our president tells us it is intended to do.
Chris: "Great awakening"? You don't know how jealous I am of you that you could even envision such a thing, even if you did take it back in the next paragraph. I have no hopes for 2008. I think people are going to continue to fall for the same lines they fell for last time, despite all evidence to the contrary.