Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Big Dick - and I don't mean Cheney

A GAO report confirms what we all knew anyway: BushCo appointees interfered with the FDA drug-approval process to make sure Plan B would not get approved.

I've taken some heat from readers who think my stance on the whole Christian/fucking thing is a little harsh. But consider this: our president will not say in public that any kind of birth control is ever appropriate, ever. He refuses to acknowledge any kind of family planning method beyond bloodlust, alcohol abuse and a tight jockstrap.

I mean, come on, would you fuck this man?

I know, I know, sister. The package. He's got a big one, right?

How do I know? Because it's possible he could be padding.

I know because only an a guy with a really big dick would continue to believe himself suave, and amusing, and in control when all other evidence suggests otherwise.

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