Friday, November 18, 2005

Today's hot fresh cup of hell

You know, if you're like me, you get out of bed in the morning largely spurred on by the belief that it really can't get much worse.

And then, without fail, every fucking day, it does:

The House narrowly approved a broad five-year budget plan early this morning that squeezes programs for the poor, for college students and for farmers, handing Republican leaders a hard-fought victory after weeks of resistance in GOP ranks.

The plan, which would save the government just under $50 billion, passed 217 to 215, with 14 Republicans joining all House Democrats in opposition...

But wait, there's more:
In the Senate, Republicans claimed a victory early Friday morning as senators voted 64 to 33 to approve a $60 billion tax-cutting package. Republicans defeated Democratic efforts to impose a temporary tax on the sale of oil priced over $40 a barrel. Under the bill, energy companies would have been taxed 50 percent on profits not reinvested in increasing domestic oil and gas supplies.

Well, shit, we can't have that. We can't have oil companies paying increased taxes to pay for that war they're going to profit from. That's un-American!

What's American, is taking the money away from student loans and food stamps.

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