Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My big shelf ass is looking pretty good to me right now

I'm pretty sure I've seen this same woman walking around Toluca Lake, and I gotta say I do not understand this mind set:

I must look like a skeleton, except for the balloons on my chest.

I have a body image that propels me to the brink of starvation, and yet I like to appear in public in some turquoise short-shorts and a pretty floral visor.

This picture came attached to a forwarded email (thanks Alex) which made reference to "old age" being a bitch or something, but ya know, I bet this woman is in her forties, at most.

Anorexia does that to you.

Christ, how does anyone's self-image get this fucked up?


Anonymous said...

it's called Anorexia Nervosa and, not surprisingly, L.A. is ground zero. It's a form of psychosis. She totally thinks she's currently fat and if she could only lose 10 more pounds....
Lots of doctors and hospitals in the area are making money, hand over fist, by specializing in "treating" it, including the mighty UCLA Medical Center. Yup, UCLA closed it's pediatric psych unit in May, which helped a huge under-served population get it's kids back on track. Of course, the hospital is bending over backwards to cater to a bunch of white, middle-to-upper class girls with really good insurance.

Casually Me said...

I didn't think she was really bad. I mean a decent meal or two, and she's all set. Besides think of all the money I would save. Now if you take the other ones, the ones that have to barf after every meal, they can get expensive. Playing. Give me a healthy midwest girl any day of the week. Really, give me one. I'm not kidding. Right now. Give her to me. LOL. Stop by my blog for some silliness.

grooveva said...

I like food. In fact I like food a lot. I am privilged that my metabolism keeps up with my consumption. Even so I cannot not imagine like you how in the hell ones brain gets so f'd up. What I want to know is did she start suffering from anorexia before or after the implants. 'Cause if it was before some plastic surgeon will burn in hell for his transgression. Did you know severe anorexia like this can actually result in brain shrinkage altering one's personality? I've got enough to worry about without my brain shrinking for Chrissakes. Somebody bring me a T-bone and some mashed potatoes stat. You can never be to sure.

Hill said...

You know, I was inclined to leave a smartass comment or two about this picture but, the more I looked at it, all I could think about was how fucking SAD it was.

What are we (as a society) doing to women to make them think that, as you so eloquently put it, "a skeleton with boobs" is the look women should be going for??

I say fuck Kate Moss and the carrot stick she rode in on! Somebody please FEED this poor woman!

PVPeeved said...

I hope that she at least was wearing some sun screen.

The sooner Hollywood start telling us that Women have curves the better off we will all be...


chadwick! said...

It's very easy for me to understand how a person gets a self image this fucked up. Turn on the TV. Read a magazine. Watch a movie. Thin thin thin. Why one would parade around all bones and short shorts, I don't know.
The BIG problem with my theory:
Why the hell are something like 60% of all Americans obese then?
Someone told me of a recent news story that doctors have to start using bigger needles for flu shots, etc.. The old, normal-size needles can't get through all the fat in the patient's asses!!

vikkitikkitavi said...

People who aren't starving themselves are being encouraged to eat huge portions! I saw a commercial on tv last night for a hamburger at a chain restaurant that weighed 1 lb.

One pound! Of hamburger! For one person! To eat! All at once!

America: Feast or Famine.