Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Boxer: not convinced

California's non-whore senator, Barbara Boxer, missed yesterday's Senate bitch party because she was on her way to NYC to promote her new book on the Daily Show.

When host Jon Stewart praised her for her vote against the war in Iraq, Boxer stated that she voted against the war because she was never convinced that the evidence indicated a liklihood of WMD.

And as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and the Subcommitte on International Operations and Terrorism, she would know, wouldn't she? Because she, like many other senators, saw the "evidence" offered by the administration.

Interesting. This flies in the face of all the assertions of the Senate's "moderate" Dems--and yes, I am looking at you Mr. Kerry, and wipe that smile off your face Hillary because I am looking at you, too-- who swore up and down that the evidence they were presented for WMD's was really convincing. Seriously. Convincing.

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