Monday, November 14, 2005

The weaker vessel


The Rishawi confession dominated news in Amman on Sunday, and Jordanians were riveted by the sight of the plain-looking woman who had apparently set out to kill with abandon.

"No one can expect this strange attitude from such a woman," said Mejdi Nuaimat, 23, a computer engineering student. "It is very weird because we know that women do not have the same strength and belief in the issue of jihad like men. We do not consider this jihad; we consider it against Islam and against humanity."

Rafat Nasir, 30, manager of the De Cano cafe in Amman, said he was shocked by the disclosure that a woman might have been involved.

"In such a stable and secure country, no one can expect this terrified experience, especially in Amman," he said. "It is a new method of bringing a woman to explode herself in cold blood."

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