Thursday, June 07, 2007

Could be worse. The president could've written one.

For those of you with a strong gag reflex, I highly recommend a perusal of the Libby letters, that is, those letters written on behalf of Scooter "Secret Agents are SECRET?" Libby to the judge in his trial in favor of a lenient sentence. Aside from being ineffectual, the letters from Libby's friends and former colleagues wax ironic when they attempt to plead on behalf of the Libby family, warning of the potential for ruination if his career goes caput. The CIA agent Libby assisted in outing, Valerie Plame, and the effect of Libby's actions on her career, is not discussed in any of those letters. Also missing from the letters? Any input from Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rove, or #43 himself. Also absent, although for I'm sure very different reasons, are George Tenet and Colin Powell. But what IS in there? The always fucking magnificent Sidney Blumenthal points to one small paragraph of Paul Wolfowitz's letter that attempts to relate the story of one of Libby's more selfless acts:
One involves his effort to persuade a newspaper not to publish information that would have endangered the life of a covert CIA agent working overseas. Late into the evening, long after most others had left the matter to be dealt with the next day, Mr. Libby worked to collect the information that was needed to persuade the editor not to run the story.

Leave it to Wolfowitz to hang the man he's attempting to help.

Perhaps PW was too busy banging the help at the World Bank to have noticed that Mr. Libby's defense was based in no small part on the premise that he had no idea that, by giving Ms. Plame's name to the public, he was doing anything wrong.

Way to go Wolfie. Jeezy Chreezy, is there ANYTHING you can't unintentionally screw up?


Anonymous said...

You're assuming the President knows how to write, of course.

Johnny Yen said...

I don't know if it's true, but I heard a couple of days ago that Wolfie and his squeeze split. That would be the funniest thing ever, if it's true.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Kirby: Actually, I'm just assuming that he knows someone who knows someone.

JohnnyY: I was thinking the other day that that chick got quite a lot of money in that deal. And then I thought, "whatever it was, it was not enough."

Not enough money in the world to fuck Wolfowitz.