Tuesday, June 05, 2007


What’s new, you ask?

Well, Scooter “won’t forget, can’t regret, what I did for love” Libby declined to give the requisite “Geez, I’m awful sorry, Judge” speech in court, and got 30 months. Not quite the 37 months that god-among-men prosecutor Fitzgerald asked for, but a pretty far damn cry from the 0 months that the defense was requesting. But if the judge lets him stay out on bail during his appeal, he probably will end up serving exactly 0 months before his anticipated end-of-term BushCo pardon.

And then bring on the book advances! By then it’ll be about time for another former W administration official “it wasn’t my fault” whinefest.


And Jesus H. Christ on a goddamn crutch, readers, I am getting just so jaded by it all, and I am particularly irked this week by the farewell of one of my favorite bloggers, Pops. Ah Pops, the only thing funnier than the comments section was the goddamn posts, motherfucker.

Oh, and then there’s this awful dickwad that our great leader has nominated for that really pesky 5th Circuit Court of Appeals seat. You know, the one that sided with corporations over employees 89% of the time, or in 160 out of 180 cases where there the judges dissented over cases involving injury-based claims and/or employment law. This asshat has cited the concept of “at-will employment” (read: we can fire your ass for any reason, any time) as a great “equalizer” of the employee/employer relationship. Get that. An equalizer.

If anyone figures out what the awesome employee power is that this big squishy dripping wet valentine to employers called “at-will employment” equalizes, please, do let me know.

But here’s the best part of the story about this twatwaffle nominee, Judge Leslie Southwick. In one of the what you must have by now figured out is extremely rare cases in which he sided with an employee in a case of wrongful termination, the employee was fired for referring to another employee as a “good ole nigger.”


In that one particular case, Judge Southwick thought the employee ought to be reinstated. Yeah, no “at-will” need apply, here, folks. What’s required in this case, apparently, is the full and formidable protection of the law of the land.

See why I’m so tired?

Oh, and the Dems have dropped 10 points in the polls since they fucking pussied out on the Iraq spending bill.

And that Democratic debate, man. I dunno. It’s not so much who I want to see get it as who I don’t want to see get it. Here’s where I stand right now:

Clinton: Nope

Obama: I don’t think so

Edwards: Probably not

Richardson: No

Dodd: No

Biden: Hell no

Gravel: Oh, Christ

Kucinich: Wow, how do you think he snagged the hot wife? Do you think he’s got, um, large hands for a short dude?

Such is my state of mind these days, dear gentle readers. Even the spectacle of Hilary’s highly rehearsed off-the-cuff shot across Cheney’s bow couldn’t perk me up. I am un-perkable. Los Angeles has fallen into the June gloom, and so have I.

Oh, and the contractors won’t finish the goddamn patio. I want my goddamn patio back, readers.

Where does one unlax with an après rat race cocktail, if not one’s patio?



'Bubbles' said...

Come on over to this frying pan of a desert and sit by my concrete hole in the ground.

At least my Mojitos are worth living for.

My Dr. offered me Xanax today.... If I take her up on it I think I'm letting someone win... so I'm keeping up the good fight -- for the next day or so, anyway!

WTF, vikkitikitavi??? the sky seems to be coming closer!

Hang in there. Something good has to be on the horizon!

On a positive note, at the salon today I enjoyed a Q&A in Vanity Fair with David Brenner. He was great. I'm going to look for a link. There is sanity around, just hard to find right now!

'Bubbles' said...

Steinberg, not Brenner... (I'm an idiot)

Skylers Dad said...

I think they should offer Scooter a get out of jail free card. All he has to do is serve an 18 month deployment in the death triangle of Iraq walking in front of Humvees looking for IEDs.

RandyLuvsPaiste said...

"Kucinich: Wow, how do you think he snagged the hot wife? Do you think he’s got, um, large hands for a short dude?"

Short, vegetarian dudes rule!

dad said...

Its always darkest before it turns completely black.--Mao

Chris said...

Right there with you on the lack of enthusiasm re: the dem candidates. No one excites or inspires me.

Anarchy isn't looking all that bad...

GETkristiLOVE said...

I'm sad about Pops.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Bubbles: Yeah, baby, just say no to Xanax. Because before you know it, you're taking something else to counteract the side effects of the Xanax, and then something else to make those side effects go away, etc. etc. That way madness lies. Literally.

SkyDad: That is a fabulous idea for any indicted chickenhawk.

Randy: Dude, you're my friend. I like you. But Dennis Kucinich is an excellent example of how short vegetarian dudes do NOT rule, no matter how many times they run.

Dad: Dad, even the Chinese don't quote Mao anymore. Besides, I think Mao lifted that quote from Ozzie Osbourn.

Chris: As I was listening to coverage of the Republican debate, it suddenly occurred to me that I left John Kerry off my list of candidates I don't want to get the nomination in this post. I then I thought "No, he wasn't there. Was he?" I honestly could not remember whether Kerry was at the last debate. That tells you something right there.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Kristi: I am DEVASTATED about Pops. And I am going to miss all the Bucketeers as well.

Anonymous said...

No patio? Man, that's harsh.

Zoe Wiseman said...

Too bad he doesn't have to go here:

War Refugees Live in Baghdad Trash Dumphttp://www.iraqslogger.com/index.php/post/3095/War_Refugees_Live_in_Baghdad_Trash_Dump

Larry Jones said...

I am an "at will" employee, because California is a "right to work" state. These are, as you point out, the Orwellian terms for "We can fire you on a whim and you have no recourse." The benefit to employees, as it was explained to me because I declined to sign the "Acknowledgment of At-Will Employment" form, is that I can quit any time I want, and the company has no recourse.

So as you can see, it's totally fair.