Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Karen Hughes resigns in order to spend more time with her shock over how it could have all gone so horribly, horribly wrong.

First she was in.

Then she was out.

Then she was back in.

And now she's out again, although I'm not sure if it counts, because she did miss BushCo's Labor Day 2007 olly-olly-oxen-free deadline.

You remember, the one that was cited as definitely, positively, without-a-doubt the for-sure reason why Karl Rove resigned so suddenly?


Chris said...

One word comes to mind after seeing her picture:


'Bubbles' said...

Image problem not solved? Gee, what a surprise. We send boatloads of representatives to give interviews and our image didn't improve?

I can appreciate how that strategy could work, that is, if what they say in the interviews is actually true, and if we behave the way we talk... but that would be called integrity, and this administration doesn't know what that means. Therefore, her job was / is mission impossible.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Republicans don't cut and run.

Distributorcap said...

she probably has a wide stance problem she needs to keep quiet

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

She'll kick your ass when she finds out you are mocking her.

deadspot said...

I'd like to laugh at the White House Press Secretary for using the phrase "She's done quite a great job of...", but that probably still makes her the most eloquent member of the Bush Administration.

Instead, allow me to pair up these quotes with the appropriate facts from the article.

Dana Perino: "We are making progress."


AP: "Polls show no improvement in the world's view of the U.S. since Hughes took over."

Condi Rice: Hughes had exceeded expectations in the job, and "She has done just a remarkable job."


Pew Research Center: favorable opinion of the United States in Muslim Indonesia, for example, has fallen from 75 percent in 2000 to 30 percent last year.

Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job.

dguzman said...

I'm just fixated on how fucking mean she looks in that picture.