Monday, October 31, 2005

2000 chickens come home to roost

Poor Sandra Day O'Connor. She's upset that Bush has nominated another member of the boy's judge club, and not a centrist woman, to replace her.

Fuck you, bitch. You shoulda thought of that before you voted to install the motherfucker. Actions have consequences, and I coulda predicted this particular consequence, along with any other thinking person on the planet.

I got no pity for you, Sandy. You told everyone in DC that you couldn't retire under a Democratic president because you wanted a Republican president to nominate your successor. Well, you got your fuckin' wish, didn't ya? You got a guy who, in direct opposition to your later position, thought that women should have to notify their spouses before seeking an abortion.

Nice. Thanks a whole fuckin' lot, Sandy.

Here's another thing about the ongoing coverage on Bush's judicial nominations: reporters need to learn the difference between a fact and an opionion.

Fact: "Bush says that he opposes judicial activism."
Opinion: "Bush opposes judicial activism."

Please learn the difference, okay? Because Bush does NOT, in fact, oppose "judicial activism." He opposes people who don't rule the way he wants them to, just like I do.

In case you haven't noticed, he's very willing to support "activist" judges on the right.

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