Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Novak: "Valerie Plame! Shit, I mean BINGO!"

Wonkette invites you to play Plamegate "Indictment Bingo:"

Send us your picks for who will get indicted and what they will be indicted for (UPDATE: People seem to be forgetting this part of the contest. It's important!); the three entries coming closest to the actual grand jury report will receive lovely parting gifts:

• Third Prize: Air Force One M&Ms

• Second Prize: A DVD of "Animal House"

• First Prize: Breakfast for two at the St. Regis

Send your entries to tips@wonkette.com , with "Indictment Bingo" in the subject line. We'll accept submissions right up until the report is released, so make sure your computer's time stamp is correct!

Too complicated for you? Feel free to play along at home with the accompanying clip-and-save Indictment Bingo card (UPDATE: Spelling and whatnot now corrected). Simply cross out names as they are indicted. When an entire row is blacked out ("ham sandwich" is a free space), shout "Restore honor and dignity to the White House!" We all lose.

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