Monday, October 03, 2005

What's an NL gal to do?

I've always been an NL gal. The DH is evil. Pure unmitigated evil.

And yet, almost every year, as soon as the Cubs screw the pooch, (i.e., June) there are the White Sox, just waiting to welcome all NL comers of the Chicago persuasion.

So the Sox have always been #2 in my heart. In fact, one of my most prized posessions is a real wool Sox cap (with the "Black Sox" era logo) I bought the last year of Old Comisky. I attended the game that day with my friend David, a life-long fan from, I believe, a family of life-long fans. Although we lost to the Twins 0-1 that day, I'll never forget the game, the fans, the Old Style, the peanuts, the wonderfully faded old park, and the corny post-game fireworks show.

But then, many years later, here comes Spooney, the central Mass. man of my dreams, and what's a poor transplanted former Chicago to LA NL gal to do? Do I switch my AL affections, such as they are, to the Red Sox, or keep the White Sox? How many teams can one root for, anyway?

And to make the situation worse, the 2 Sox play each other in the first round of the Pennant series starting tomorrow night. (And there is nothing, I mean nothing, happening in the NL series to distract me. I mean, Astros? Braves? Fucking Cardinals? Are you fucking kidding me? Who gives a flying fuck about the NL pennant this year?)

So, who in the AL will this NL gal give her heart to this year? I have until 1pm PT Tuesday to decide.

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Spooney said...

You have to follow your heart darling.