Friday, October 21, 2005

Culture time, ya bastards

For those of you who read me yesterday, you'll see why I had to post this:


The sky is white and nerveless and involves
Standing off at a ludicrous distance, thinking
Bad thoughts—well, not bad really, rather say
Homeless, images of a time and place
Long since scattered to dust—but still, what power?
My dearest wish—but once shouldn’t have wishes,
Wishes are horses that kick you in the heart,
Then ask you if you’d like another ride.
I rode one once, or let’s say she rode me—
But you don’t want to hear that story again.
I know I don’t. Maybe you’d like to hear
About a time and place that kept their distance.
The sky was white and nerveless…Leave it at that.

-Robert Mezey

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