Monday, October 03, 2005

Miers pulls a Cheney

So W nominates his former personal lawyer and present WH counsel to replace O'Connor.

You know, W needs to get out a little more. Get to know a few people. Expand his social circle a bit. Maybe then he'll quit nominating his friends all the time.

Fortunately for her, Miers was head of the committee to select the next nominee. How great was it then, that she found herself to be the most qualified of all the people they looked at?

I know, shades of Cheney, right?

I'm sure the Repub criticism of the left will center around the fact that Miers is a woman, and how dare the left stand in the way of a woman candidate? Just like they've accused the left of racism every time they opposed a black or latino nominee.

Yes, it's true that Bush has appointed and nominated a lot of women. Unfortunately, they tend to be women that worship Bush like a god. I mean, have you ever seen the way Condi looks at W? And then there was that time she slipped and called him her husband.


And then there's Karen Hughes. So slavishly devoted to W that she agreed to stop "spending more time with her family" to go on the dumbest political mission ever.

David Frum reports that Miers once referred to W as "the most brilliant man she's ever met."

Forget litmus test. How about a little intelligence test?

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